My GSC is a special needs plant. Lol

Hey all. I’ve got this GSC that just isn’t growing like her sisters are. She’s had a ton of issues and is just being finicky. I’d appreciate any feedback.

Using Oceans Forest.

Ph was very acidic, first tester was a POS and gave us the wrong readings.

Did foliar spray with Calmag 3ml per gallon last week and it helped.

Just started nutrients this week, 5 ml per gallon to not shock her.

I think she has a potassium deficiency but the nutrients have it and I don’t want to over do it.

Any feedback us deeply appreciated!!!

Last pic is all of them because I’m a proud dad. Lol

Yea sometimes you just get one weirdo my mexican airline cares more about vertical growth then making leaves ive tied her down twice where as 3 strains haven’t even gotten 1(and yes they are all the exact same age 3.5 weeks)


Those are beautiful plants! Do you have any ideas about what my plants issue might be?

Just the genetics. I have a GSCE that is a runt too. Everything was the same as her sister but she just didn’t want to grow. She is a pretty pheno but she got to a certain size and decided that was big enough for her