"My Grand Opening"

Hi all.
It has been a while since I wrote here, but I’ve been working on something…

Welcome to My Grand Opening.
Ok, maybe not that Grand, but I’m liking it so far.

So, Welcome, come in check it out.

Look what I threw together in the basement,
and, yes, that table is on cable’s

the rack supports the table and light’s

on the light’s, I still have the Roleado’s and added 2 of the Cree High Intensity 100W Full Spectrum Cob Led Grow Lights


so far the new lights seem impressive, good amount of output, large footprint and easy on the eyes. though you need to remember, I am Mindless.
I went with the two individual light units instead of the single two chip unit so the lights can be moved individually, who was it gave me that idea early in my first grow, @Myfriendis410 ?

you can kind of tell by the light pattern on the wall the light dispersion I am going for
I might need to bring the CREE’s a bit closer together. And the light height will be different between the two styles of light, those CREE’s are going to need some distance from the canopy as they are a bit strong with a recommended height of around 3 feet.

Filter and Fan,

Thanks for reading,


Set to watching if you dont mind. Awesome looking DIY setup! Some kinda ingenious ganja infused thinking there. Best of luck to ya grow


The new girls.
5 White Widow / photo’s


sweet set-up @MindlessCorpse


I agree with @BIGE
Set up looks efficient and nice :+1:
Happy growing



Funny how our minds can come up with the sweetest ideas on how to get a room up and running. Great job and look forward to your progress.

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@MindlessCorpse Nice Grand Opening . Great set up . Very adjustable .

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Outstanding work!!!

I’m impressed with your layout.


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Nice layout. Hope it works well. Will be interesting to watch your developments.

DWC, Planting media or what?

FFOF in 5 gallon fabric pots

Your set up looks good, 1 suggestion if I may, go grab your vacuum and give the entire grow area a good cleanup, Messy dirty grow areas tend to encourage pests and disease. Its a good idea to treat your area like a lab and keep it as clean as possible . Good luck with your grow.

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Still kind of modifying. It’s all new build and fresh paint, so actually, other than in the plastic container for seedlings, it’s probably as clean and dust free as it is going to get.

so far all seems well.
5 ILGM White Widow/photos.
I wanted to grow 4 plants. Ended up taking 7 beans and wound up with 5 survivors.

Girls 1,2 & 3 are along the back wall. Girls 6 & 7 are in front.
Those are the square bottom fabric 5 gallon pots (actual 5 gallons), using FFOF soil.
I am running the 2 CREE’s only and maybe that’s all these will need. My meter shows a pretty even 8,600 lux along the tops with the lights 30 inches up and spread about 32 inches apart.
I have topped plants 1,2 & 3. I plan to top them two more times.
Plant 6 is a runt. She is 3 days older than 7 and not half as tall.
Plant 7 is very tall and lanky. When she sprouted she shot up to about 2 inches above the soil before unfolding feeder leaves. The first set of solar leaves only sprouted 1 leaf, so she took off stretching again. The first and second nodes the leaves also came out misshaped, but she now seems to be coming around. I will just have to wait and watch to see what she does.
I am concerned that girls 6 & 7 may want to hermi from stress due to the dwarfism and deformed leaves. Any ideas on that?
Anyhow, that’s all I have for now
Thanks for reading,

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Have you seen the new (to me) square pots that have loops down each corner for sliding in support rods? I bought 2 packs, thinking about making scrogs with a few, and just using the others as pots with very convenient ways of adding supports.

Hey @MindlessCorpse I would say don’t worry about them starting slow or leaves are deformed. I had a bubba kush Auto that started the same way and now she’s probably the fullest of the 3 bubba kush autos. Here’s pics when she first started

And here she is on the far left next to her sisters she’s bigger than them

Here she is alone

So I would say don’t worry for now as they might be working on the roots now and will surprise you later with bigger and better buds than the ones that are thriving now. So let them weather this storm for a couple more weeks before you worry. Show them the love you show the rest and you’ll be ok. Just my opinion!!!


Hmmm… no, I have not seen those.
Does sound handy though.

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Hi again,

the progress since my last post,

about 60 day’s old

I switched the lights to 12/12 on sept. 4th.

and about 75 days old (today)

so far things are going along fairly smooth.
I did a runoff test using distilled water and came out with a 6.7 ph and 860 ppm. Being as I used distilled water I figure those numbers are close enough. On the ppm, I have not yet fed near full strength.
I soaked the dirt in those pots completely, vigorously about 1 week before I transplanted to them. I only had to slightly water them 3 times in the first 50 days or so. By slightly I mean, I am splitting 3 and 1/2 gallons among 5 pots.
My last 2 waterings I have begin Fox Farm Trio at about 1/6th to 1/10th strength, 1 tsp each to 3 and 1/2 gallons tap water. I think I will bring the nute’s up on a curve. I am betting I won’t use them at full strength during this grow. I will see what the plants say…
I am beginning to wonder about the head room.
Anyhow, that’s how the girls are doing. Hope everyone is keeping green.

thanks for reading.
Any thoughts, questions or suggestions, comment freely

20 days later… or, 34 days into 12/12

the discoloration look is from the purple light.

Man, I am anxious to get these cut and drying as my last grow was short and I am out…:neutral_face:

thanks for reading,