My first seeds: "Critical Alien Fuel" (?)

Got my first seeds in a local dispensary here in OKC. The law is dubious: it is not illegal to buy seeds online, it is illegal to cross state lines with cannabis, at the same time seeds don’t qualify as cannabis (THC content) so… I went for the safe alternative now and bought them here.

The strain is called “Critical Alien Fuel”. I couldn’t find it on google. It should be an Alien OG or Jet Fuel variety. The dispensary said it is 70-30 indica dominant (he had 2 strains, the other was 50-50 but I my focus is sleep and pain, so I went with indica).

Anyone knows anything about this strain?

I used a nail file to gently file the seeds and it is now soaking. I’ll check tomorrow morning to see if they sank right.

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Sorry haven’t heard of it. But if you need anything, just ask @anon86934464

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Must be a mix between alien og cridical and deisel

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Thanks, everyone. I think @Killadruid is right. If whoever supplied the seeds to our dispensary is right (and there’s an “if” there) and it’s “indica-dominant” by 70%, I suppose it is more strongly related to the alien kush original strain. But who knows? The reason I wanted to know was just to more or less predict or know what to expect in terms of growth.

Today all the seeds were soaked and at the bottom of the glass. Now they are in a pyrex, inside a wet paper towel sandwich and covered in dark cloth. So far, so good.

I checked on every resource available on strain, couldn’t find anything: Cannabis resources - Wakelet

Same here I looked everywhere. Who ever supplied them made thier own strain I’m sure must be a new one

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Why did you file the seeds? First i’ve heard that. :thinking:

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Actually other people use sandpaper. Since the seeds are very delicate, one of the procedures I read about suggest placing sandpaper into a tube and shaking the seeds inside. The nail file is even more delicate (fine grit). The reason is to create very slight scarring of the seed coat so that they soak better. Some seeds may fail to germinate because the coat is too hard and impermeable. Some seeds require “special treatment” (other plants) such as being digested by animals. Anyway, the nail file is safer than sandpaper because of the risk of hurting the embrionic plant.


The nail file is my own “innovation” :slight_smile:

I’m keeping a journal here:

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Wow! Ok i will begin to file my seeds now! Great info thanks

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Very gently… with love and singing a soft lullaby :slight_smile:

I would suggest Journey perhaps maybe even REO…

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