My first outdoor auto run with a couple photos

Tell me what your thoughts are


Realize those were older pics here are some new photos


By the looks of these two I think they nutrient locked and have not done anything for the last two weeks not even drinking this is week 11-1/2 so I pulled them I started all the autos at same time and they pretty much all sprouted same day or next but they are all going to finish at different times I believe

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Transplanting clones I’ll be chopping the autos and need to replace them

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To chop or not to chop that is the question 12 weeks today I’m not good at deciding to chop or keep going lol

Going by the last pic another while but not far off either, juicy looking!

Thats gonna be a great forest when all those girls mature

Room for rent? :eyes:

@ Dinky outs

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How many have you actually going?

They’re autos along the house?

9 autos three photos replacing autos with clones as soon as I pull them transplanted clones two days ago another week and they are all going into 10 gallon fabric pots

I have the autos against the house so the rain doesn’t get to them@Dinky

A really nice setup :ok_hand:


Up axing the ladies this morning getting ready to replace with clones