My First indoor grow first time Train wreck

I’m sure when she wakes up she’ll get a good pic up and be a little more on her game. I can’t imagine how exhaustive work it is right now especially in these times. LoL by the way that’s awesome your ER nurse - all the praise in the world for you and the family. Hope you’ll stay safe and healthy but your due a sincere “thank you” from all of us… :mask:


Ok well I gently pulled all the nuggets apart and it’s all light green at the stem. But I will be watching closely now. Not a nurse I’m the housekeeper in emergency. But thank you just the same. It is crazy busy because each room has to be first cleaned with bleach and them done again with an antiviral. All while wearing masks shields and a plastic gown. We get one mask per shift because we are on Rations


@SheilaT where did you get your coated wire?

@Psu8286 you can get it on Amazon. Local hydro store sales it. I’ve seen it at local big box stores.

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Thanks Nuts.Great I need to start wiring the girls up and that stuff looks perfect. Btw we had a Bulldog 30 yrs ago. Loved that guy. They are one of my fav breeds.

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Be on very high alert and go read up on bud rot.

#1 be very gentle touching your plants and little bump or nudge could spread the bud rot mould spores and it will I promise you that.

#2 cut aggressively, much farther down the bud then you expect, bag it and toss it, wash your hands and what you used to cut.
It takes rot a while to show so you can progressively get more rot every week or two it sucks so be aggressive with the loss now.

#3 watch your humidity you must have got it from high humidity.

Best of luck!


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Thank you

I picked up a bunch from the dollar tree, just to have around :v:

I found some at Menards 32ft $5.50

I can’t remember how long the ones that I got were but, 6 packs for 6 bucks. Found some trimmers there as well and picked up a half dozen of each type they had

Thanks! :grinning: I chopped the bud out and isolated it. The moment I saw it. I didn’t see anything inside but will be on my toe. I’m off work this weekend going to take it apart. I’m guessing if it’s rot it will continue on that bud and so should deteriorate since I plucked it out. So should it be more obvious by tomorrow in 72 hrs? It’s hanging from a popsicle stick in a jar with a plate on top, until I can look closely out of the growing room completely.

Thanks ! This is how I keep my sanity can’t wait until the warmer weather

image image


Just wondering is it normal for the stems to change colour during the final days of ripening? Or have I waited too long I don’t see any amber Trichomes yet but my eyes are not great.
The girls have always had the purple red lines but the green is turning more yellow-green. More so at the top canopy. The pistil’s are all red except in the very bottom. I’ll take a picture this evening when they wake up. Here is a small example I had in my pictures this is a top from lower canopy.


Looks ready to me.


I just trimmed off a lot of the yellow fan leaves better to let in the light and easier for harvest. I’m thinking I’ll harvest this one plant by this coming weekend. The other three might be s as little longer but we shall see. Still feeding Mildred Maggie and Mary overdrive Marg is just getting water as of last week.
Has Anyone used flawless finish by Advanced Nutrients? Does it work? @Nicky @LoCoRock @borialis I’ve seen just one or two amber Trichomes how quickly do they go once they start?

How long should I leave her in the dark before I chop her? Should I chop her dry or after a watering? So many questions!


Make sure the amber you are seeing is on the buds, not on sugar leaves. Trichs on leaves will go amber sooner than buds. Once you see amber on buds it will depend on what you are looking for. Do you want a couch lock high. Your highest level of THC is when you are at or near 100% cloudy. Once you start seeing amber, thc is starting to degrade and you will have more of a couch lock effect. As far as dark period, you want to go at least 48 hrs. 72 hrs may be better.


48-72 is usually what I do as well :v:


I’m getting ready to chop mine in about an hour they’ve been in the dark since Friday… I’ll say 60/70 hours, many say 3 days but I don’t know orr care really. It’s just time to.chop and get my room back… lol


Ok thanks image|374x500

I finally got my loop and my camera together so what do you think? I took this is from mid canopy.