My first grow. Indoors with white widow auto

What’s up everyone. I’m getting ready to start my first grow. I am planning on doing it inside. I have been collecting everything needed for the grow. So far I have:

Vivosun 5x5 ( in the mail should arrive by June 2)
Fox farm ocean forest soil.
One 5 gallon fabric pot
20 wwa seeds from ILGM

I still need to get:
Carbon filteR
Ph reader
Ppm reader
Temp and humidity gage
Any other items recommended?

My goal is to have everything and begin full operation By July. Until then i am Just trying to grow one and see what I can learn from that.

I would like to be able to grow without any smell once my tent is setup. I will be setting it up in the basement. I currently live in a duplex so keeping the smell down is A high priority.

With that I have a few questions.

Can you actually grow with no smell at all? If so what would be the best method to go about it?

Until my setup is complete. Would it be safe to grow just one plant indoors under a cheap light from Walmart? I under stand for the flowering you ideally want a better performing light. I should have a light for flowering by then.

Should I germinate and water with distilled water or tap water? I’m not sure of the levels in my tap water at the moment.

I currently have my seed sitting in tap water waint for the root to pop. It has been soaking in water for just about 24 hours.


Yes, properly sized carbon filter, and fan can eliminate the smell, along with negative pressure in the room/tent.

You can do what you want, but I would want the better light from start.

You can with either. Add a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Welcome to ILGM, ask away.

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I have grown plants that didn’t have a smell and others are so stinky you can smell the grow room over 30 feet away indoors. My Blueberry Kush Auto is a strong smelling beast.

Growers use a Carbon filter set up. I don’t have to worry about smell but AC Infinity 6” will probably get mentioned.

Apera Meter for pH. I also use a Vivosun pH meter as well as their PPM meter. I use for my RH and Temp mwtrr is Sensor Push but its $50.

As @Covertgrower said…spend the money on a good light. Screw Walmart Chinese junk. Like HLG its worth it. You will be better in the end.

My Viparspectra PAR600 light couldn’t break the 3.32 oz mark but my HLG lights shartered it with over 27 oz.


What they said.

I only let my seeds soak for 18 to 20 hours. Then I place them in damp paper towels for 24 to 48 hours to let the tap roots grow. The warmer you can keep them in the paper towels the better. I use a propagation chamber with a heat mat.


Yes, an exhaust fan for your much needed carbon filter, I respect the no smell priority.
I would get a moisture tester.
You will likely need pH up and down. You want your pH at 6.5 going into happy frog.
Pruning scissors.

What nutes you going to use?

A jewler loupe

Pruning scissors I pick up at the dollar store.

I’ll link what I can from Amazon:

Thanks for the feedback everyone…
@MrPeat I definitely want to make sure I can mask the smell before I get into growing multiple plants. I’ll look into that ac infinity 6”.

@Zee For nutes I still have about 3-4 weeks before I will start needing them due to the ffof soil right?
I was going to get cal-mag, ff liquid plant food, ff grow big, and tiger blood extra strength fertilizer…

I’ll be getting a ph and Ppm meter next week along with ph up and down. so I can control what’s going on with the plant I have going at the moment.

I was looking around on Facebook store last night. Someone is selling a 5x5 tent with brand new Mars hydro 600w light in the box still and some fabric pots for 80$. And he might add in some t5s for a little more. Sounds like a heck of deal for me. just waiting for him to follow through on his side of the deal. He still needs to find the t5s he has in storage. With that lighting will that get me going or should I look into better lighting down the road?

@Cap_Ron I went with your method and switch it to a paper towel last night. I woke up this morning and the seed was cracked the stem starting to protrude our. So I went ahead and transported to my 5 galllon pot and sprayed the top of the soil with tap water. I then placed a small clear plastic bag over it to create a dome… the bag has a few small pen holes in it. Should I look into get something that is airtight or will that suffice?

It is currently sitting on my second floor patio that is partly shaded through out the day. Until I get my indoor setup going. Will the plant still get uvs through cloudy days like it is now?

@zee I went ahead and ordered that jewelers loupe this morning

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@i1024get You will need a better light than that. You should be able to grow a couple of Autos. HLG is where its at. Expensive up front but if you need to smoke seriously for medical reasons the lights produce.

In my 4x4 tent I run 2 HLG 260xl rspec. Getting 27+ oz of dried, cured and no stems per crop makes me happy, happy, happy. :+1::+1::+1:

For that price, I would jump on it. Because a tent will cost you that and then some.


Peat is correct about that light.

Yes, 3 to 4 weeks after transfer for nutes, ideally I like my watering runoff ppm around 900, before I add nutes. Ill be using the fox farms trio. As most growers will tell you, to start with using 1/4 of the recommended amount of nutes the manufacturer suggest, as their feeding schedules are aggressive and cause nute burn.


Morning Everyone,

I was able to pick up the 2x4x5 tent, Mary’s hydro 600w light, and about 12 5 gallons fabric pots off of the Facebook seller. Only spent 80$.

I moved the seedling to its new temporary home last night until I have my official setup up and going.

She has been slow to sprout from the soil. I think it might of been due to all the overcast I had this weekend. I also put her in the soil before she had a tail. I would say within the next day or two she should be popping up.

I currently have my light at 34 inches above the soil. Should I readjust it?

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Day 15: the tip of first two leafs are starting to die off, they started changing colors about a week ago. I think I am also seeing the tips of the newer leaves change color as well. I thought maybe the light was to close i had it at 24 inches from the canopy so I raised it back as far it could go. Is there any other avenues I should look into. I haven’t been feeding it, I am using ffof soil. I have been watering it every other day with 2-4 cups of distilled/tap water with a ph around 6.5.

Also is it typical to have the plant so short stature as it is now in week 2. It’s only about 3” from the soil. Most likely due to the light being so low?