My first grow ever, successful germination!

Welcome to bud porn.

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Can filter be placed or hung above at tent level?
shorter hose involves less efficiency loss.

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I do have a usb microscope in my Amazon cart. Might treat myself to that for future grows. :+1:

Important to have good stable view platform.
Surprised me for sure.

I’m planning on rigging something up this week. Definitely want to use the fan and filter as efficiently as I can. It is amazing how quickly the smell was gone as soon as it was installed.

I smoke in my lung room.
It feeds the grow tent.
Cleans the air nicely.

T6 inside tent for more quiet

Need some expert eyes to help diagnose what this could be. Light burn or deficiency?


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Growing in 70/30 coco perlite. Ph at 6, cal mag and advanced nutrients big bud coco is what I’m feeding.

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I’ve been pretty good this whole grow running an 18/6 light schedule turning on and off manually. Well last night was the first time I fell asleep and didn’t turn off. She ended up getting an extra hour and 45 minutes of light. 5th week or flower on my white widow auto. Should I be concerned?