My First Ever Grow. Of auto's first ever plant

Thank you @kapelady. I am planning my next grow now right down to lights and tents etc. Ive decided between 6 8 or 10 girls this time i will probs do 8 girls this time all autos and i want to do 4 strains just not sure wgat yet. We chose a couple the other week but that can change. I am sticking to autos’s until i am confident and ready for photo’s. So if any of my new family has any opinion or recomend any strain. But they need to be good for medical grounds aswell i would like to grow 2 different types of CANABIS. By types i mean like one for during the day that helps with pain etc but dont make you sleepy. And then one for a night time to help sleep and pain etc. So really its like one sativa and one indica however with autos its not as easy since ther is a third strain in the genetics. So finding what i want isnt as easy as i would like however there is a shop near me were i can purchase seeds from infact there are a couple place i can so i am going to buy them that way i can start as soon as i can. Lol well once santa has gotten all his toys and clothes bought wrapped for xmas then i will be getting my new tent or tents. Unsure what size of tent i need for 8plants. Anyone have a shopping list for me. I am buying from scratch amazon has some nice offers for complete kits. I can also source them from other sites aswell. All info to do with purchasing what i need for a new grow from start to finish will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady @Donaldj @Alton66 @EiffelSmoker @garrigan62 @Laurap. Any help or lists you have on suplies i will need for my next grow would be of great help to myself. I need to makesure i have everything i need any spare things i might need etc. I always seem to forget stuff when i make lists or try to plan things. So maybe now i have a good chance of doing it all right from start to finish and have all the right supplies. I am thinking of mixing up my lights with hps and leds as one of the kits on amazon u get everything apart from seeds and soil.?? Help and thoughts would be great. Thanks.


Sorry but have no info on size for 8 autos in a tent. But i can recommend ak47 for a good nighttime med. Only downsize total curing is about a month with continuous burping. Then though my friend youll have a great smoke that youll grow again. I use amnesia haze as my morning med. Its got a good high that gets you going in all types of projects. Truly enjoy them both!


@Mikos Why don’t you tell us what you already have? I do have a list of things to buy but it also includes alternate solutions as well. Also there is a good topic that @Matthew420 did that you might want to take a look at. I will get the link for ya

I wouldn’t recommend buying any “Kits” off amazon unless a couple of us look them over.


@Laurap & Bige…I’m growing amnesia haze for the first time …so good to know! Bige…White widow has been good for me for my pain.


i put a WW into this rotation @Kapelady
two ak autos,two amnesia haze auto from ilgm
and a monster bud plant.
the gorilla glue is so good from this round i added a gg also.
that’s it ,i promise…lol
i get out of hand sometimes…


Thanks @bob31 i didnt know sorry

@Mikos I will look at it as soon as I can

Ive got 4 crystal growing right now. Hope it stomps me hard!

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@mikos The tent and ventilation system look good, but I don’t know about the lights? @dbrn32

Also the fan in the first one is a better one. The fan in the second package is a more traditional booster fan and not usually considered for most growing areas.

Also I think you might want to pull down those pics and redact your name from them ASAP.

I’m gonna flag to have them pulled unless you can fix them.

Post 191 flagged for personal info accidentally posted.


bro that wat i hav 100mx100mx2oom get the 600w but the digi one so u can change the watts dwn

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Out of a 400 watt hid, 600 watt hid, and mars 300 in that size tent, the 600 hid will have the most to offer. You would want to make sure you were able to run both metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs from it for different stages of your grow. Also, some digital ballasts are known to cause interference in phone and cable lines, and they run higher canopy temps than led. All stuff you should account for if you choose to go hid.

The mars 300 seems to be a popular light. But it alone won’t sufficiently light a space that large. Maybe like four of them. Even then, the par levels are a little low. So that would be more of a do okay setup than a blow it up setup.

Lighting your tent will probably be the biggest expense of your grow, and should probably get the most thought. You can always start smaller than you need and not plan to grow in the whole space. Each option has its high points and low, and they should all be considered. You could spend $2000 on leds for that size grow, or grab a few smaller fixtures for a few hundred. Or just as easily get 600 watt hid setup for a few hundred. But there’s no magic snake oil filled light fixture that will do that job for $100, despite what advertising may lead you to believe.

If budget is main concern, like I said you can always build on what you have. A lot of people buy larger tent and add lighting later. Another option is start with a smaller tent, and eventually use that as part of a perpetual grow or a dedicated veg area. All depends on what your plans are, and where they take you.


@Dbrn32 thanks i was doing the add to what i have thing but i wanted to know the thoughts and views of the bundles i posted as i have 300w led so the plan was to use different types of lighting together. If you have followed my topic my intentions are to eventually start breeding once i know i can grow and do it to the best of my abilities. And i am gathering knowledge from all you great growers out there. Anyway i hope you can leave your thought on the pics i did have up however i had to take them down as it had stuff on it i never noticed.

@bob31 firstly i do apoligise greatly about the personal info on the screenshots i put up tht wasnt my intention. Secondly i have cheched my gils trichomes again today and the youngest one has a started to turn amber i mean i only seen maybe 3 or 4 out of all the different parts i checked but they also didnt quiet look totaly milky either thou more like 60/40 milky to clear. What i mean is like when u look at them its like a glass of milk filled 60 percent of the way. But not quite milky all the way up to the top of the trichome itself is still a bit clear if this makes sense to anyone can you let me know your thought or views. The girls will be due a feed and not water if i am going by the chart but i am unsure if i should wait a day or two and give them water or nutes. The one i thought would have been behind was the youngest but she has amber trichomes and most pistils have turned amber to brown than the other 2 but one has alot of white pistils and not much of have turned amber and her buds are pretty dissapointing to be honest they seem pretty airy to soft. Then thers the third one she is approximately 25cm tall overall and has one large dense cola and some decent sized buds around her edges as you will see in previous pics posted a couple days ago. Let me know what you all think please.

Perhaps whatever pictures you were referencing were already down by the time I made it here. I noticed one picture l, I believe of the bundle. It was a screenshot, that didn’t seem to be very clear about what it included. So I just went by whatever I found in the description.

If I remember, it was from amazon correct? Just link whatever light you’re talking about and tag me. I’ll be happy to take a look.

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Thank you i will get them again without anything that i shouldnt post like personal details of anyone. As i dont know how to add links etc i am new to all this technology my friend. @dbrn32.


However is fine. Process for adding link is a little different if you’re on a phone than pc. But if you go to top of page of your item and copy the web address from say amazon. Then come here and paste the web address in comment box.

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Thanks i am on a phone and i have just taken screen shots of the various ones that i have been looking at as i will basically be adding to lights and fans is all i have in a cuboard but i want to get myself other stuff to get me on my feet and help me become a good grower and even a breeder if i can do that anyway i will post the new screen shots ive got and its only the kits and or anything in the kits that i need to know its a good or bad or even an acceptable cheap version. Only until i have the money to be able to improve quality of my equipment but that will take time and rome wasnt built in a day. Lol.

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Out of likes, I’ll keep an eye out

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Here are new pictures that i would like people opinions on which to purchase for my next op. And if there are any brands or any info yous might think i should know please dont hesitate let me know. And this time i have madesure the screen shots are ok. @bob31 @dbrn32 @Shuggz @Kapelady @daz49 @garrigan62 @Donaldj

1st pic

2nd pic

3rd pic

4th pic


6th pic

7th pic

8th pic

So any thoughts views or even if you have your own experiences with any of the equipment ive put up. Please dont hesitate to pass on your opinions. Thanks very much to all my new grow family and new found friends thank you for your help and support and grow in peace my friends.

If you choose to go led, I wouldn’t go with the kit selected. That light won’t be big enough for the job by itself.

As far as the hid options, if you’re in a tent a cool tube would probably be beneficial for managing temps.

That’s about all I can offer from going through pictures.