My first brownies - success!

Yesterday was my first try at making Alice B. Toklas brownies. I used a box mix from Aldi and olive oil that I infused with decarbed trim. Yummy and potent; they knocked my socks off. :rofl:


@Switchback what ratio did you use for the oil. I made brownies with oil with .25 oz flower to 1 cup oil. They ended up hallucinagenic. I think I need to scale back or use less potent weed.

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I used ground trim, no bud. One cup of trim in one cup of olive oil, simmered at about 170 F for three hours; then I strained it and added to my brownie mix, which called for 2/3 cup of oil. One or two 1-inch squares produces a pleasant, mellow, long-lasting buzz.

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That’s where I went wrong then. Better use trim instead of buds next time. Thanks for the info.

From what I’ve researched, it’s hard to accurately dose homemade edibles. Best to consume a small portion and work up if necessary after waiting 30-45 minutes to gauge the effects.

My next batch will include several small buds with the trim.

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