My First Auto Grow!

I just see your pot sitting in runoff. Do you drain your runoff? your pot needs to sit on something to keep it out of the runoff.

I do I water then empty the excess once it has drained but I will definitely sit it up a bit higher

I would have the pot sit on something to keep the plant from sucking up the runoff. Even after emptying your tray, water will still come out, a little. If your pot is sitting in it, your plant will wick it back in.

Your plant looks nice and healthy. I would hate for you to lose it to root rot or anything of that nature.

Ok will definitely do that any tips or advice is appreciated
So far seems to be going nice and healthy :smiley:

It really is looking nice. What are you feeding?

Nothing lol just water and a active grow soil

Hi everybody this my pure power plant day70,
It didn’t autoflower, even it says it is, and it takes 70days from seed to harvest

This plant is not ready

Any suggestions
Here is the info for PURE POWER PLANT

:point_up_2: marketing gimmick. Figure 10-12 weeks from start of flower to harvest :love_you_gesture:

Hi everybody i have a question about my “Pure Power Plant”

Its day73 since germination and i believe it has at least one more month till harvest but should i worry about flowers getting those brown hairs alot,

Any suggestions are helpful

I started thinking about temperature
Temperature inside is 30°C with the fan working and its humid.

The hairs are an indicator for bud ripeness. When they are mostly brown is when you start looking at trichome readiness.

I am wishy-washy on frog or ocean for my forst try with autos. Thanks for this post, will add it to the scales of judgment hah!

How many days since germination? Mine are going on 16 days since I dropped them in the drink. I am so bummed.

Hi there i need an advice about this “DIESEL HAZE” auto,
Should i cut off the fist node or 2nd too, because they give nice buds, but only few.
Here is the pict of 18 days since it saw the light

Thanks for your time

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Hi there i need some help with this if u can, it is “Diesel Haze auto” 20 days since germination.

About those lower nods first and 2nd maybe, should i cut em off or let em grow since i get lets say 2-3 good buds and the smaller ones i cut off and throw away

Thanks for any advice you have