My Closet Build '14

Hello everybody.
I just joined.
I bought some seeds. Emptied my closet.
Figured I would post something.

Not growing anything yet. Waiting for a law to pass in the Nov. election. Just building the room in preparation.

Will post pics. Basically a 4.5’x3’ closet. Took down shelves. Has electric. 110 and 220. Has hot and cold water. Has drain. Carpeted floor over tile. It’s a laundry converted to a closet on a second floor. Has attic area access in ceiling.

Its in the center of a rowhouse with no windows.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am about to install the exhaust and filter plus cover the walls.

Here we go.

Got my exhaust in the ceiling now and the walls covered. Another layer of plastic on the ground too. My filter arrived. So did my little fan.

The first pictures disappeared. Here’s the empty room

My exhaust parts all arrived. Went with Ventech. 4" fan and duct. Ventech filter too. I read that LED lighting makes a room run cooler than HPS or MH so I went with a smaller fan to try and keep some heat. Gonna buy a small heater cause winter is coming. Good thing is the room us in the center of my house away from windows.

Invest in better fans. Those little clip on fans will die right about the time you really need them in flower. Peace

Thanks. That’s just a fan I bought cause it was cheap. I’m installing another when I do the CO2. The clip on is for the opposite side of the CO2.


:cry: seeds came. But only two of the five strains that I purchased. I emailed the order email address. To be continued…
On a side note I received my hanging hardware for my exhaust. Installing this weekend maybe.
Also finally nailed down my lighting plan.

The other three might show up in a second package tomorrow.

Yes I got an email reply. Sent in two parts.
I’m so excited!