My babies are struggling first not planned autos outdoor grow

Hello there dear members wanted to share with u the story of my random messy outdoor trial grow heheh .
First have a look at my recent babies , they are strong girls hehehh survived and lived through much heheh.

I live in somewhere Arabic country supposed to be hot but now weather turned cold and windy but dry anyway i have no grow plan i was just trying to see the success of the growing trial and if this went good i will perform it more professionally hehehe . So just living crazy adventure everyday with them suffering of me , weather, rain, short light duration , weirdo home made mixes as fertilizer, several transfer to different pots, my strange addiction to touch them cut thier leaves stressful stretching exercises i am making them do everyday hehhe , after several failed germination trials finally one born out of struggle in my wet laundry machine as humidifier hehehe then consider it as super seed to germinate in such conditions so i took care of her maybe even too much anyway no she is 7 weeks flowering stage and sometimes vegging again heheh so moody , from start with mutated leaves only 3 set leaf


Sure u waiting for me to tell you the strains but to be honest with u i iost tracking of the information bcoz i never thought they will live so long , and now i think they deserve me to give them fair shot as they made it till now so i might put some good effort caring them.

I am even getting so dreamy and clumsy to believe 2 miracles will keep happening heheh i made clones of those babies hegheheh.


Today updated photos after the massacre

They are flowering, keep them healthy and you’ll be good.

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Hehehehe healthy is not the issue , i am the issue if I can just stop touching them , topping them , shaving and cutting many leaves and branches , watering them so frequently , I think if they find water source and me not around messing them :joy: they will be big adorable girls. Thanks for passing by and commenting many regards :blush:


The urge to f with plants is a tough one.

I once read an article on house plant care and it said the number one fault growers make is overwatering.

Let them do your thing and you will get done nice buds in return.


So true it is like an itching can’t resist not go looking for them every hour hehehh , anyway so far they are well and alive heheh.

Germination of the small 2 , 1-12-2019
Germination the bigger 2 , 25-10-201
Germination trial one one seed 1- October
Older one raped by by my little devil baby boy so i made them a cage to protect them from predators heheheh. he removed it from pot and chewed up the roots eat some leafs and tear it apart and finally shoved in the pot roots up the sky and leafs and flowers deep the soil ,i found it after 2 days when I wanted to water them .
Another one is so stunted after topping and has small one Branch so counting like 4 are healthy and growing up.
Smaller plants topped once week ago.
Feeding for the first time January 4th mixed top soil with plain compost and some blue small balls blue in color fertilizer contains NPK 12,12,17% all 4 plants same way in mixed like 2g0 gm of those blue tiny pills fertilzer with with compost and made 3-4 cm layer mixed with top soil.
Direct :sun_with_face: sunLight max 8 - 9 Hours
Temp 16-30 dry weather
Humidity 40-50%
Tap water spraying daily.
Any ideas to maximize thier yield feeding thier look suggesting any prob Screenshot_20200104-030449|250x500

They honestly look like they need a lot more light what is the light schedule that you have them on

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Is that direct as in outside or are they inside in a window spot? @Hogmaster is on to something, they look like they are light deprived.


It is winter over here so sun is outthere for like 10 hours max direct on them for like 7-8 hours max per day

Do you have drainage holes in your containers? I few shots looks like the plants are waterlogged?

Yes dear i even make more holes , but maybe watered and took photos , and tgis first time ever i give them fertilzer

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They look like they need way more than 10 hours of sunlight they went into flowers so you’re not going to get a whole lot off of them if you can get them to veg for a minimum of a month and a half two months then you would be styling as long as your daylight is over 14 hours a day

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I will need to do my sec grow in summer

Looking better!