My autos are stressed

This is a locally bred AK47 auto derivative,
about five weeks old.

The bottom leaves are dying and I’m confused about which way to jump to help. Do they just need to dry out? Is it heat stress. The bottom leaves are dying, the leaves on some plants are cupping and I’m confused about which way to jump to help. Do they just need to dry out? Is it heat stress?

FF HF with a topsoil mix in five gallon black fabric pots, sitting on milk cartons.
Water ph is 6 to 6.3
Nutes are a teaspoon each of FF Grow, Tiger Bloom and cal mag, a couple of times a week.
Temps have been brutal, highs of 110. We’ve had a couple days of afternoon rain.
Three plants are growing in a 5x5 enclosure with 50% shade cloth, and a fan blowing across a tray of water.
My first time growing this auto, called Banana Clip, for whatever that’s worth.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


It’s normal for cannabis to shed its lower leaves as the plant matures. It’s nothing to worry about.

Shoot for 6.5. The proper range for cannabis in soil is 6.3 to 6.8.


The taco’n leaves do look to be a sign of heat stress. Maybe get her in some shade during the 100+ stretches. That heat is brutal


Plant cover crops to green up the soil around your plant. Helps keep roots cool. Im just regurgitating stuff I’ve seen @plumbdand talk about. Desert dweller who does outdoor. He will likely chime in on ways to beat the heat


Soil looks a little dry to me, but i dont know a lot!


Thanks. The soil is dry on the top but wet on the bottom. Some cover crop or straw would probably help.


Ph too low It dont look heat stressed to me. When its 110 whats the temp under the shade cloth? Are they out in the open with plenty of airflow? What are they sitting on? How hot are the grow bags they’re in getting during the hottest part of the day?

This is typically heat stress or bug damage. Not sure which…

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Leaves are still dying and seem slow to fill in. I’m inclined to think it is a combination of incorrect ph levels and overwatering. They are five weeks old. Temps under the cover with a fan are 112 today.

I’m letting them dry out a bit and I’ll remove the dead leaves. If I continue to lose leaves I may flush them.

The other plants seem to be tolerating the heat, if not thriving.

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@PurpNGold74 That looks like someone is growing green beans or something lol

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Right? They look like string beans for sure.

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Id lean more to the heat. She may just not be a hardy pheno. Definitely reminds me of heat stress in my grow room. 112 is pretty darn hot!