My autos after 2 months

They are not good

No need to make separate post about the same thing. I responded to your previous post. They are just getting into their flower phase. You have to give them time to produce the tricomes before you expect to see any.

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Thanks. I’m sorry my fold

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How long have they had the pistils showing(the white hairs)

3 weeks

Ok so they are just getting into flower. You have to be patient, they will get thick and covered in tricomes soon. What light are you using?

Led 450w

What size grow space are you in? What brand of LED is it?

Viparspectra 2×2

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Right on. Your plants have a nice green color. They will start stacking up soon for you. How far is your light away from the canopy, or top of the plants?

About 10 inches

That’s good. Just maintain that height if they are still going through their flower stretch. Do you have a grow journal on this plant?

Thank you very much for your help I hope they will be ok. Thanks again and have a nice day

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Keep us updated on how they turn out!! :v:

I will my friend. I appreciate the helping hands.

Raise that up to about 18 for a while. Viparspectra is decent light


@Nicky this is the same plants on a different thread

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How many plants are under that one light?

Thank you my friend. I can’t didiscuss this right now sorry

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