My aunt wants to grow outdoors

@TxGrowman she lives in the Corpus Christi area. Do you have any advice? I will help her but know nothing about outdoor or that climate. Thanks!!!

I live well north of her (8 hour drive) but the area she lives in is very humid and hot. The only advice I would give is to make sure that she purchases a strain that is more resistant to mold and mildew. I know there are a few strains but the names escape me now.

Other than that, might help to have a little shade in the later afternoon if possible. The sun is brutal in most of TX, esp that area. Sorry I can’t help more. Jerry

One other thing, make sure she has good camoflage for her grow, most TX cops seem to love to bust growers, even fairly small ones. Wish they would stop meddling in small grows !

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Wow that’s less than encouraging thanks @TxGrowman

It’s in her backyard which I don’t know if it is camouflaged

Not good news but the truth. I have a relative that does SWAT and he is always telling me about the busts that they do. When they do not have a big bust they will try to get some smaller growers. Thank God that the crack and coke dealers are keeping them busy here ! !

Usually a 1-2 plant grow should be no problems as long as she does not have neighbors that are always nosy about what is going on. Also, don’t tell ANYONE about the grow. The smell can also be a problem is she is living in the city or a town with close neighbors.

I was contemplating an Auto grow in my yard but my neighbor was looking in our yard today from his second story window seeing what we were doing in the yard. He asked my wife what we were growing.

That’s why I only grow inside in TX ! Well, that and the heat !

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