My afgan auto is brown and white on the inside of the seed

Hello good evening everyone,
So im a newbie just made the decision to grow 1 day, got the seeds and waited into i got off work to start.Germaination was started at 11:15pm on Thursday and now seed has been soaking in ph 6.4 based water 46hrs. Seed cracked last night about 9pm but hasnt opened any further since then but now you can see on the inside of the seed is white and brown. Humidity is 57% Temp 78% no lights bc it says complete darkness, water level is half full with the 1 seed bc thats what i read, and she’s in the grow room beside her pot. Is it supposed to be brown and white in there or did i drown it? Seed was touched with spoon to make sink on thursday during the start of germination today when i was looking at it it had floated to the top and is now floating after 46hrs of water… now what… help :laughing:

Hey @Raven09!

So I think I understand your post, but the word cracked kind of scares me.

When I begin the germination process, I always place the seeds into a mason jar until they sink. Usually not out in the open, but not stored up tight, etc. When the seed sinks is when it is ready to officially begin germinating.

There are many methods but once the seed sinks, I remove it and place it into a moist paper towel and then place that into something like a CD case (I know, CDs right) and wrap that with a shirt or hand towel and place that into a dark place totally sealed. Once you see the little tail (sprout) come from the seed itself, it should be ready to plant. Plant into soil with tail (sprout) facing down and the seed (now just a shell that will be shed) on top and cover with loose soil. Follow your planned steps from there for the seedling growth stage!

Seriously hope this helps and best of luck!

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@Kingston cracked yea bad word :laughing: i mean opened on its own lastnight at 9pm. Thank you for the information ive been doing my research since i decided on the adventure but ok how would i know if i drowned it. I can see on the inside of the seed and its brown and white almost like its white 1st then it turns into brown. I just dont want to waste the time with this 1 when i have more and shes already a goner.

Dump the seed on a damp paper towel and place it in a Ziploc bag. Leave it open a little and put some bottle water on the paper towel, just enough to get it good and damp. Put it in a cupboard or on a plate and cover it, and set it on a cable box or something kind of warm, but not hot.

I don’t soak for more than 24hrs, then I go to a paper towel for about 24hrs, or until the root is around 1/2".

Welcome to the forum btw!!! Sometimes the forming root can be a slightly different color.

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I would absolutely try @Borderryan22 technique! Definitely should be fine once it begins to open and gets planted. Keep up the great work! My first grow back in over 15 years and so much has changed and continues to change so stick with it and overall just have fun with the plants and the entire process!

@Kingston @Borderryan22 thank u guys for the help so would i do that even if its already opened? And should i be shooting for a higher humidity or am i good there temp is now 81 and humidity is 62. Just started another seed also.

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@Raven09 Are you able to put a picture? Is there anything coming out from the seed? And awesome definitely start another and best case scenario both will be good to go

@Kingston not really out of it but since the seed has opened you can see the white and brown on the inside of it. Will pick Billy up in a spoon for a picture when i get home.

@Kingston also thisorning when i went to look at the new seeds progress i seen 2 little bugs crawling on it. What do i do about that?

This is the video of the little bugs crawling on my 2nd seed in the water. Any ideas?