My 1st sativaamnesia haze giving me fits

Hi fellow growers
This sativa is giving me fits I just dont have any ideas whats going on. I got a new light since my 2 girls are quite big36 inches thats pretty tall considering I usually just grew short indicas. But the light is a tsl2000 300watt so I think by itself the plant might be soaking up to much light or its burning.Or over watered. Anyways confused. If you can put 2 cents in thanks. Peace Out Lemonbud The plant is in its 2 week flower after vegging for 7 weeks. 1 sf2000 @200 watts
2 philzon @230 watts
1 tsl2000@300

3x2x5 tent
Fox Farm ocean forest
Black gold for seedling
3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
RH 40-60
Temp 70-80trio
Feeding with FF trio with molasses
calmag and a little flower fuel
Light at 16 inches above canopy
growing Amnesia haze, Acopulco Gold and Bubble gum

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I am guessing this has stumped a few people. Later

:point_up_2: are you feeding to liberal run off and testing the PH and PPMs? 16” seems low but depends on the intensity??

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If you defoliate your plant you will get bigger buds try removing 20% of the big long fan leaves. Take off all of those Take off all of those. All they do is suck nutrients and water from the buds

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:point_up_2: hate to contradict you Growmie but the leaves don’t suck water or nutrients from the bud. Strategic defoliation will enhance bud growth, air flow and light penetration but beginners should never take more than 20%. Leaves are needed for photosynthesis :love_you_gesture:

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This plant doesn’t need defoliation :love_you_gesture:

That’s true 20% at a time But in the end result most of the families should be removed especially the ones in the middle if you are lollipoping the plant. I removed 20% of leaves throughout the whole grow. Each week I remove 20% of the Fan leaves. Mainly the biggest ones is the ones I took off. I remove the leaves from the bottom of the plant when I lollipop it and all the energy directed up to the top.

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There is no reason to take foliage off of the plant the OP has posted a pic of. There is plenty of room for good airflow. She needs those leaves to manufacture the sugars the plant needs to be healthy and grow.

The plant looks pretty good. What is the specific concern?


Hey Midwestguy Yea the problem is the leaves are curling and drying out. I seperated this plant from the others it was getting crowded and bought a tsl200 300watt and put it on the plant . So its been 4 days and no watering and the pot is light but still shriveld up canoeing and curling leaves. This was my first sativa. amenisia haze and the other in my tent is alcopulco gold yeah I know its not real gold. But thats the concern. I have.

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Could be either wind burn or nitrogen toxicity also, if you don’t have strong fans blowing over them then I’d say N toxicity

Thanks Se7en The bottom leaves started wilting now so I watered only till runoff

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Look thirsty check ur ph n maybe change it up some

Hard to say for sure based on the little info. As og said, whats your runoff ph/tds. This info helps alot. Using ff nutes you need to water to runoff. More info will get u better help. Good luck