My 1st attempt @ LST

Yesterday, 4 weeks old.

Today after being staked.

Look ok?

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Let them grow at least 6 nodes from beginning before you really start, the plant is more established and vegging and rooting. Remember this @Shirkules you cannot make it grow, you have to allow them to grow. But if you dont see nothing new going on with the leaves :fallen_leaf:, dont get impatient okay, cause when you can not see the plant progress above the dirt, that’s cause its a whole lot going on underneath the dirt, and you just have to let her work her self out, so in the first 3 months, you’ll see a few new leaves and than it will stall cause the roots have to build.
You doing good :+1:, but you kind of jump the gun ah little. You can leave them grow at least another 6 nodes up right, and from node 4 down to the dirt you want to desolate those leaves off (snip, :scissors:), this will trigger top growth for the plant to stretch more to the light plus give the plant space between the dirt and the beginning shoots to get air and grow upwards. Now it takes about 3-7 days for a plant to show enough progress of photosynthesis depending on the power of your lights :bulb:.
Stronger lights makes plants eat more, which contributes in them growing more.
Just remember if you dont see nothing new above ground, the plants roots are extremely busy below ground and dont rush to water them . Right now if you only used a spray bottle to foliar spray ph water only, they will do extremely well verses pour water into the pot. I would give them one liter of water if that, and wait at least 2 days before watering. Any and everything you do, write it down and keep a grow journal, so you have notes to follow and you can keep track of what’s being done in the grow room. Me I still used a big cheap calendar :date: and I make my notes in the if squares of the day on the Calendar of what all been done. If I trim , I make a note, trimming should be done every 7 days so you dont shock the plant growing progress to much, cause each time you snip, cut, pick , squeeze, snap, bend, tie, takes at least 4-7 days for the plant to recover and start over from where you interrupted its growing progress. Less is best, this is the best growing family on the W3, dont be afraid of asking question , but I can promise you this , if you would just spend about 3 weeks reading journals here, you will have most beginner questions answered just by reading, so many have written they personal first growing experiences here.
Welcome, Be patient, Less is Best, and Kerp it clean and green and Hapoy growing for tooking the best medicine God has given unto human life !


Thank you for the help.
Much appreciated


Progress so far.

Look ok?

Helps to add the photo…


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5 weeks today.
1 week of trying to LST.

Now you see how the fan leaves are on the soil, they must be cut :scissors: off so she can go upward. Cut all the 5 finger fan leaves off, and in a week they will be twice that size next week .

Thank you for the help.
This is where I’m at 10 days into my attempt at LST.

I trimmed a little bit off last night. I didn’t want to get carried away.
More = less, right.
I can take off all the fan leaves touching the ground?
I’m trying not to ruin things.
I’ve alrdy over watered. They’re still drying out.
I haven’t really been able to feed.
Sprayed some 20-20-20 solution a cpl of days ago.

Thank you again for your help.
Much appreciated.

Why you rushing, you have about 2 months to go if you want a decent harvest. But I think you doing to much to soon already. But I understand you anxious to learn, I been there, you only need a one liter of water ph 5.8-6.2 for about 4 weeks and set your lights at 24 inches from the canopy and let them grow for about 4 weeks, no 20-20-20 yet until flower sir or you cause big problems to soon to fast .

Thank you.
I’ll definitely take your advice.

I’m kind of a spaz over some things

This is supposed to be a calming hobby for me.
Wife said if she knew how stressed I’d be she wouldn’t have let me even start.

I’ll downshift and keep reading threads.

Thanks again

Have a good one.

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My man I cannot stop that part yet, the only way I can do that is to help you get through your grow with what I know from the hundred of thousand plants I’ve grown many different ways, with science, against science, I’ve done it every way known to man, I just like to help people grow it and I love to smoke it , especially know I know how to make it taste it’s pure best with the most simple steps, I just don’t rush the plants know more , they just like any other living thing , they will do what they are born to do if you just give them the environment and the basics, they still will produce. I can grow a plant outside with soil only and get better weed than any indoor gardener with the best of nutrients and the sunlight plant will always be better but it will always take the longest, in order to get that, What you have to do @Shirkules…? I’ll tagged you in a journal I wrote on here in 2012 I think, in case you want some more to read .

Thanks again for taking the time to help me , Dude.
I can’t thank you enough.

I did as you said. I came home and trimmed off the leaves touching the ground.
I also stopped by my shop on the way home to see about nutrients.
This is what she sent me home with.

I probably have another day or two before I can water again.

And this

So this is where I’m at 6 weeks this coming Sunday.

I’ll wait til I can water and then keep my hands off them until I post week 7.

Thanks again @yoshi

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Thank you @Shirkules, my man it’s going to be your work. 5 plants, 3.5 grams per watt, hmmm I can already see the colas in my imagination for you.
Just remember less is best and you can always add it next .

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I will just tell you now, this will not be easy for you Sir, No two plants will grow the same, and if you’re plans is to fed all 5 the same nutrient diet, one will suffer and one will progress , it’s just how it is , unless you adjust to what the plants are doing and wanting individually right . I have faith in you , that you can do this, but it won’t be easy, lot of math adding , subtracting .

Progress so far.
Yesterday was wk 6.

Started new diet yesterday.

Here’s what on deck alrdy. Wk 2
Jumped the gun a bit.
Didn’t plan on training.
More practice I guess.


Wk #7.

Been trying not to do too much damage.
F’d the tops up on all of them. Cost myself 8 more colas and damn near killed the Lemon.
Still trying to get it thru my thick skull…


Week 8 and 4 tomorrow.
Little ones started to yellow. So I moved them to bigger containers.
Took back the R600 and got the Scorpion R.
I’m stuck in a 5x5 shorty. Think that’ll help with the height problem.
Can’t wait to light it up.


Been slow going. Had to make up for many mistakes