Mushroom Compost

Hi all!

So I was wandering around the Lowe’s Home Improvement in the gardening section when I saw a bag of Simply Natural mushroom compost. Now I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” and since this bag was like 3 bucks and some change, I figured it probably didn’t even have any nutes in it, and if it did, they would be minuscule at best. Out of curiosity I did check the bag label to see if there were any nutes, and I didn’t see anything (I was looking for the NPK). This is after the fact that I was told that you can use brewed coffee, spent coffee grounds and healthy human urine as fertilizers. So I started thinking (and here is where my questions come in):

  1. Does anyone know anything about mushroom compost? Does it have nutes? Can it be used for cannabis? If it doesn’t have nutes, then what is it for?
  2. Could you mix mushroom compost, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, perlite, diluted pee, coffee grounds, diluted brewed coffee and maybe a light nute like fish emulsion and mix something useful for cannabis to grow in?
  3. Does sphagnum moss have nutrients?

Thank you to everyone for your assistance.

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I believe every earthly medium has a nutrient value but the balance is what I’d be more
worried about. having a soil/coco loaded with calcium and sulfur isn’t good for plants that need
lots of potassium and nitrogen. I’m completely lost on soil cooking and leave it up to the pros.

kelp extract, Bloodmeal, sphagnum, lime, worm castings etc, I’m lost on it all.
There might be recipes out there that have a step by step ingredient weight and measure
that someone could follow but I’m not on that level yet. I just use FFOF and a little of this
and that when required.

Found this on google about mushroom compost

“As previously mentioned, mushroom compost typically has a 1:1:1 N-P-K ratio. The composting process metabolizes and stabilizes these nutrients so that they are converted into a slow-release form.”

Also read that it increases soil water retention. Doesn’t sound great for cannabis.

Pee? Why? What’s your goal here? Low cost fertilizer?

I am not actually using pee, I had just been told that it was a natural fertilizer. Cheap, sure. I like low to no cost stuff, but i was more looking into the viability of it. Like has anyone tried it. Same with the brewed coffee. They said the coffee had to dilute it to the point where it looks like really weak iced tea. They also said that you had to dilute the pee to something like 20 parts to 1. Like I said, I am not actually doing it, I just wanted to know if it should be done.

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Main source if nitrogen in miracle grow is urea which is pee and I believe it’s called ammonical nitrogen