Multiple Lighting Question

Hi All,

So i am pretty sure i burned my girls a bit with my lights 6 weeks into flowering. I have (3) Growstar 300w equivalent LEDs that were positioned 18" above.

Here are the recommended heights from the manufacturer based on a single light:
[Theoretical Hanging Height] Seedling: 28~36", Growing: 24~32", Flowering:17~28".

And the PAR values:

I have raised them to 24" which is about all i can get without getting creative. I have read a little about PAR and would think the values would be additive with multiple lights; taking into account the PAR will drop somewhat towards the outside of the light cone. This shows some of the overlap based on an 18" diameter circle:

I also have a LUX sensor that is reading about 35,000 at the top of my plants (24" from the lights)

There is also probably a large amount of reflected light from the inside of my tent. Anyone willing to guess what the PAR value is based on all this? My guess is around a PAR 600 on average.

Any comments and what would be a good target PAR value?


300: seedling
600-800: veg
800-1000: flowering

You are going to need much more light than you are planning on.