Multiple issues - help please!

Hi all. Here we go -
I gave a seed and some soil to a friend to have fun with (I believe it’s OG Kush auto). Been growing ok, if a bit slow and gangly - it’s being treated as a houseplant, no grow lights or anything. Been fine, then one afternoon in the space of a couple hours, it went limp, just sagged over on itself. She staked it up, and asked me to help. Other than the collapse and sagging fan leaves, all seemed ok, new growth looked nice. I removed a couple of damaged leaves, and watered to runoff to test pH. It read as 4.4 (!) I flushed like mad, and then let her be to recover. These pics are three days later. There were problems to begin with, but it seems the flush made things worse - the twisting and curling and mottling are all new since the flush. I watered a little this morning, and even with the flush, runoff isn’t reading above 5. Thoughts?

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A pic of the plant when it happened would have been easier to diagnose. I will guess that its just a matter of weak stems and branches from less than optimal conditions. So if it was over or under watered it would probably collapse.
Growing inside most of us use a net to hold the branches up because they tend to fall over from the weight of the buds. Outside conditions provide for a plant that is strong enough to stand on its own. Overall it looks ok. Better light would strengthen the plant more.
The pH issue must be from something added. If you provided the soil it should not be that far out of range. Was it given plant food? Some houseplant food is very acidic. Like for Azaleas

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Thanks for the reply!

This is the only pic I have of it before I got my hands on it. the lower fan leaves are enormous, I’m not too surprised that it went over if the main stem got weak. I had given my friend some ILGM Grow, told her VERY light feeding maybe every other watering (she has a ridiculous green thumb, she could make rocks grow). The only real weight on the thing is the fan leaves, there’s nothing even approaching flowers yet. Soil-wise, it’s the same that I use - though this batch was reused. But I’m growing in the same reused stuff, no such issues. I do use lights and a tent, however. Maybe I’ll put it in the tent and see what happens. Should I continue to flush to try and get the pH down, or apply something to force the issue? I’m hesitant to put anything else on, and don’t wanna drown it with too much flushing. As you can see, I really don’t know what I’m doing. :wink:

What is your ph going in up above you said your ph was 4.4 which is way low you need a ph of 6.2 to 6.8. So i wouldn’t keep flushing to lower ph.

Going in is around 7 if I don’t adjust. It was 4.4 when I got her, it reads around 5 now. I expected it to come up more after the flush…

Sounds like you have a good plan and that you understand the issues well.
Trust your knowledge and see what you can do.
Any soil with peat will become acidic over time as peat becomes acidic as it ages. And if this is reused soil that would make sense. For a plant not grown in a tent indoors it really does look good. I couldn’t do that without grow lights.

Based on the PH I’d hazard the plant is growing in a Miracle Gro product. Plant size vs pot tells me it’s likely time to pot up into a larger vessel and if so you can use a different soil media better balanced for cannabis. Roots Organics, Fox Farms, Scott’s Organics, Black Magic all have cannabis friendly soils.

As stated; more light will help plant flower more heavily when the time comes.

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It may very well be part Miracle Gro. I intended to move to a 5 gal bag, you think in the current state she’d survive the move? Before this latest curling leaf issue, I figured there might be some root binding in there. Will be going into Happy Frog when the time comes. I’m gonna move her into the tent for better light. The tent is on 12/12 for my flowering plant, will that be ok for this one?

BTW, thank you all for the advice…

Sounds like a good plan, transplanting without disturbing roots is easy and they won’t notice a thing.

12/12 is fine for your plants.

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So here’s the result. The old leaves are still saggy and discolored, but new growth looks healthy, and we’re beginning to flower! I have to stop getting discouraged so quickly…