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DAY #84 SINCE SPROUTS Thelma and Louise are Looking great today. Hopefully got my pH and ppm’s under control. Will know more after I water tonight before lights out. They both are so thick with leaves. I can’t help but take some off every time I open the tent. I have stripped all the lower branches of any growth since no light gets down to them anyway. DLI is at 29 knock on wood, everything is going good on this grow so far??? Am I doing something wrong? :face_with_spiral_eyes::crazy_face::woozy_face::thinking:


Day 6 of 12/12 light


Been 2 weeks since flip and Thelma is showing some flower development. Louise is a little behind so I put a couple blocks under the pot to raise her up some.

All in all they are healthy and growing!

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First full week of flower and my girls are looking frisky! Not sure if I should do another defolation or just let them go now. Any ideas from you guys would help. Other than that they’re looking good and feeling good I took the scrognet off completely didn’t seem like it needed it anymore. All the branches seem to pee pretty sturdy if they look like they’re getting overweighted later on I will stake them up.


After looking at the pictures I posted yesterday I decided the girls needed one more defolation. Now I will let them go without pulling another leave unless it’s dying and I have not pulled one leaf from it being dead yet. 3 weeks to the day for 12/12 daylight. Had to put some diatomis Earth in the pots to knock the gnat population down. And I also did a top dressing of the happy frog fruit and flower.

Also got my Michigan Black Bear skull and rug back from the taxidermist. Thought I’d show it off to all you guys and gals.


Nice rug, only drew once, hunted a week in red oak area and the to Canada on a moose hunt that happen to coinside.

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So I am curious. I have 2 hygrometers in my 3x3 tent. One at the top of the planter about 2" above the soil the other on the tent wall just below the canopy. I am in Michigan so humidity is high. But with my 4" vent fan going and a 6" fan blowing inside the tent I would think it should be more consistent.

The higher temp one is on the tent wall. My question is is it normal this wide of a range in an enclosed tent? @kaptain3d @Low @Bentstick @DoneDeal @Caligurl @ChittyChittyBangin @Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @OGIncognito @Dman1969
I am 3 weeks into 12/12
Thanks everyone!


There’s alota stuff goin on between soil top and canopy top. The temp range as well. Mine varies 3 to 5 points and 3 to 4 degrees. I hope this helps. :v::call_me_hand:


Your tent numbers look good, for my experince ( not that I have alot) but its good to me, my lung room is 68 f and 63 humidity but thats in the basment and I am in veg atm,


Your humidity levels and temps will vary due to plants transpiring. Youll get humidity spikes, which affects the temp. Mine will fluctuate multiple times during the day.


Yup, what everyone said, everything fluctuates any time a factor is changed (watering, opening the tent, etc…)


Agreed. I see normal fluctuations. Everyone had solid advice.


4 weeks for the 12/12 flip so 3 weeks into flower and the girls are flourishing. Louise seems to be behind Thelma by a week but she always was smaller.