Mssr. Mendel I ain’t

I know, 4 where 2 should be. LOL.

As usual my ambition is cramped but this roll of the dice worked out.

4 autos: GSCX, Sour D and 2 x WWW.

You get what you get with autos and only the rear WWW really wanted to reach. Hard to leave the GSCX alone.

image image


Welcome to the community @GREANDAL lookin sweet in there


Thank you! Been at this a minute or two and decided to participate here.

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Love to have ya here,you’ll find all the help youll need an share your input looks like you have put some tlc in your grow,

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Thanks again. This was a roll of the beans for holiday stash, truly didn’t expect these to be able to tolerate each other’s climatic desires. Doubtless the Rude genes. lol

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And here is my GG folly. They are in fact gorillas.