Mr. Canuck coco and dry amendments?

I am working on my first grow and have decided to take advantage of my states new Rec legality and was wondering if anyone has tried growing in something similar to what Mr. Canuck uses outdoors. He grows in coco with dry amendments only. I would love to do a super soil but don’t think I have the cooking time needed before getting them outside in hopefully mid May (who knows with MI weather). Any suggestions?

I’m not sure who Mr Canuk is or using dry amendments with coco, sorry. Welcome to the forum though, if there’s something else we can help with please let me know.


He is a youtube vlog grower. He pumps out some beast plants and gives alot of good info to newbies.


I watch the YouTube channel as well, he’s got some monster autos but also remember he’s getting free shit from supply companies to promote their shit so money is probably not an object. You’ll need to source your own dry amendments for whatever the stores near you carry. In my state it’s a bit harder to find anything that’s not for the petunias so I go with bottled nute. Can make a super soil if you feel confident but bottled would seem to be the easiest way to start IMO. You can start in coco from seed in solo cups then work on what you’ll use outside when transplant. That way they can be growing while you figure your situation out. Good luck.

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Luckily I am in Michigan so I have some decent sourcing options. We have one grow store in particular out of Whitmore Lake (Grow green) that is amazing. I eventually want to go no till but that takes awhile to achieve and I was hoping to keep it as simple as possible my first time around. :slightly_smiling_face: