Moving vs Veg Plants

Hey Folks,
I’m hoping a few of you had this dilemma. I have 2 9wk Durban poison and 1 8wk Godfather OG in 16 inch pots and I’m moving. The plants were in 2 gallon pots until they started to be so big I thought they’d get root bound before I moved in. That was a month ago. I’m still new at growing plants. So I put them in these big ass pots. they I’m obviously nose blind or have Covid because these girls talk too much (the smell) according to my adult kid. I don’t know why I thought I could pass these girls as house plants. At their size I didn’t think they be that loud. So here’s the question. Should I cut them down and start over after settling in the new place? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thought about digging then up wrap roots in a moist towel, move them in box and replant them in new pots. What do y’all think? Be nice. I know I messed up.

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If you are in an illegal state then I would not take them outside.
Before Missouri changed to allow medical use. possession of plants was a huge risk. They would weigh the plant and charge you based on the weight if the green wet foliage. So what would have been 1oz dry was a 10 ounce possession charge. If you are legal then you just need a plan.


Might be able to get a small u haul type covered trailer. Should handle the plants ok without bothering to transplant from ur bigger pots.
Just a thought.
Oh. And air it out well before you return it. :joy:
Good luck with the move.