Moving marijuana indoors

A question from a fellow grower:

My main plant is almost a foot high and I need to move it inside. What is the safest and healthiest way for my plant that I proceed?

Make sure it gets adequate lighting. You are going to take the plant from the biggest light known to ???

Any suggestions? I’m new at this

Is it in a container that can easily be brought inside?

Yes. I have 2 smaller ones also (all three in large mobile pots) and a small garage space (3x10) with electricity

In that case the moving will not be very stressful and less chance of significant root damage, which is very good. The only real concern then is acclimating them to any dramatic changes in temperature or humidity the might experience in the new environment. And of course making sure they have adequate light, you have many options. You need to consider overall price as well as the potential for increased temps in tight places with many high power lights.

Here is a nice chart I stole off the internet to give you an idea on lighting, prices are kinda average or slightly on the high side as they use some of the most popular big name in the examples, you can find much more affordable lighting units in each of the different categories with a little research and effort. I prefer LEDs but have a lot of experience with them and i know what to look for when shopping for a good system, I tend to agree with Latewood, that in general HID light systems are probably the best for a beginner as long as they can deal with the high heat output of such lights. Florescents are common and work very well but just don’t have the canopy penetrattion or intensity of HIDs.

How easy is it to rig up an HID system? The bulb requires a special socket that I can’t get at Home Depot…

sorry, forgot the chart, lol

I would look online, there are a bunch of good deals and Latewood says there is a real good one at a real good price available cheap at places like amazon. And also, yes, actually, Home depot is carrying grow lights now, I’ve seen them on their website. If you are going to ask them about grow lights just tell them it is for a tomato plant or chilie pepper plant, i.e. banana pepper, cayenne pepper, or what have you.

Look for an Ipower system! Comes with everything. On ebay! I never use the “A” company.

hpslighting is the online store I believe.

Had a much better post than this, but the website dropped my original thoughts. Peace

Just thought. I have no heat issues with this system. Mine is a 400 watt that can be switched to 200-300 or 400. I got an HPS lamp, and a MH lamp. a hood, hangers, this digital balalst does not get hot.

If you have decent ventilation; You will be more than fine! Peace.lw

My iPower grow kit is on its way. Complete with dimmer and 400w bulb :-D! Now… I’ve been noticing some bugs on my pants that I think are either thrips or whiteflies. I read the bibles a couple of times, and it says to spray the plants with neem oil and water and put around some garlic (respectively) to get rid of them. Is there something more I can do to avoid bringing these bugs into my home when I transport them?

Yes, Latewood and I prefer food grade diatomaceous earth.

Got my iPower light kit and I’m going to install it tonight :-D! Is it safe to leave the ballast on a stone or concrete floor (I’m not sure which it is) in a garage?

I don’t see why not as long as it wont get wet there or there isn’t anything too heat sensitive near by.

Fantastic! So I plugged in the unit and nearly pooped when the light came on and the entire fixture jumped. I should have checked more thoroughly before I did that anyway because I couldn’t find an “off” switch. If that’s normal do you recommend a timer? If it isn’t, I should probably contact the company, right?

A timer is important. I think it is normal, there is quite a surge like feeling as HIDs power on.