Moved my plants outside & now this…Please help

After 12 weeks of growing inside I moved them outside. I dug 3x3 holes and mixed Espoma Garden Vegetable soil with the existing soil. All was good for about a week and now the leaves are yellowing and spotting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would’ve broke them in slowly to the outdoors kinda shady spot with a few hours of sun then back inside or keep in kinda shady spot… :thinking:


I had them outside for 2 weeks. Started in full shade and worked them into full sun before I planted.


If its just on the lower leafs,most likely its a nitrogen deficiency.


Or a Ph problem at the root zone…

Hey @WillyD70. Did you inoculate the roots when you transplanted? Some type of beneficial microbes to kick start in the new environment. I use a product from Bonaticare called Hydroguard.

Also I would trim all the yellowed leaves at this point.

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What does the new growth look like . throw up a picture of the whole plant would help :v::+1:

I just loosened the root ball and transplanted like I normally do.This is a new area I am using. Could it be poor drainage?

Ummm, how loose? Did you just slide it out of its pot and plop it in the hole, or did you “manipulate” the root ball to fit your hole? Disturbing the roots can lead to transplant shock.

Loosened it in the pot and slid it into the hole.

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Use a little root stimulator when transplanting. Helps stop any root rot that happens from damaged roots during transplanting. Like the dead yellow leaves that can rot when left on your plant. During budding when flowers are present and tightly bound together can hold moisture and promote bud rot.

Ok good! When I tranplant, I bury the pot they are in into the new hole, pack dirt around the pot then slide it out of the “mold”. Then the roots slide right out of the pot into the matching cylindrical spot for it…roots don’t even notice until they stretch out and go “hey, there’s no plastic pot here anymore! I’m free!” and then they spread out!

Did you notice on the 2nd pic that you have a bud forming? Your plant is starting to flower! Are you trying to reveg it? You might get some funky looking growth come in over the next few weeks, just don’t be surprised and freak on it!

I did not notice it was flowering until you pointed it out. I’ll have to look that one over. Could stress be a cause of the flowering ?Good tip on the burying the bucket first.

@WillyD70 here’s how I transplant mine…and yes, I remove the empty ones I used as molds before I plant! (somebody DID ask before, couldn’t see the logic in why I took them out of one 4" pot and put them in another! LOL!)

So you started them inside under lights for 3 months…on an 18/6 schedule? Then moved them outside in a shady area for 2 weeks. During that 2 weeks, she probably thot winter’s coming, time to flower! And she switched on you due to the reduced hours and intensity. Photos can switch to flower if they get less than 14 hours/day of light. She will reveg if she’s in the sun now, and you’ll get some funky growth for a while, but she’ll manage. Just understand that this is what she is doing and let her ride it out. Don’t panic!

I used a light cycle of 15/9 since that is the natural light cycle in my area for Memorial Day, when I plant.

@WillyD70 man i wish i could help you more but it sounds like the growing community has stepped up to do just that like they always do…:muscle: i feel bad for you but hope they bounce back :pray:

What’s the PH of your nutrient mixture?

I use Fox Farms Grow Big and unsulfered molasses @ 1 tbs per gallon of water. When they were inside I fed them this every other watering. Since they have been outside I have only fed them a few times as I was giving them time to get used ti their new environment.

How about a shot of the whole plant and a support ticket, please? It will help us narrow down potential issues and develop possible solutions. First impression is that those are the lower leaves which can be expected to eventually yellow and fall off.


A support ticket will help us help you. Can you please fill out a support ticket? Please include what type of water you are using (RO, distilled, tap.)

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• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

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• Light system

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