Motherplant x 4

Hi friends!

have such a small place to have my girls but still want several strains to clone from so my question is if you think it’s ok to put 4 different little girls in the same big pot. do you see obstacles to do this tell what kind of problem so I can prepare. thank

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Why not use smaller planters to keep mothers?

Keep them to small bushes


I agree with @PharmerBob, maybe plant em in separate 1 2 or 3 gal pots so the roots dont fight each other

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I had a tomato plant get this big in a 1 gal before it started displaying extreme nutrients deficiency and root bound so u could get a decent size mother in a 1 gal

My small place have no room for 4 seperat pot so sorry aboutet.

Exactly how big is ur space? And what size pot were u considering combining 4 mothers jammed in?

4 plants in one pot will cause them to compete for resources; at the very least will be 4 unhealthy plants. At worst: 3 dead ones and a sickly one.


Your aspirations are a little too high. (Pardon the pun). Myfriendis410 is telling ya right! The competition will be way too much. Space is important for development.

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I keep mine in a 2’4’x30” area for my mother plants

You don’t need monster mothers just keep cutting and bonsai’n her


Look at this from @Hellraiser

Around post 602 he shows his mothers & noteice their in square pots, a few posts down he shows why (root trimming ) readthe whole thread if you have the time it’s got alot of good info mostly on cloning but some on keeping mother plants in small containers & even reveging plants to use as mothers.


Thanks for all time to Help me out ok.

My space is 3x3 and 40x40x120cm.

Pot size put 4 strain in was 5gallon.

Thanks gromie

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No need for big pots for clone mothers, small pots lets you keep more moms, this is all you need, look into bonsai clone mothers, covered in my cloning journal posted above.