Mother Plant: Top or Fim?

Hello all, I’ve got this lovely mother plant growing. I plan to put her into flower, then take a bunch of clones and hopefully get six healthy monster cropped plants going next round. The only thing I’m not real sure on is whether I should top or fim the mother. She’s almost ready to be cut, but I want to make sure I do it the right way. What do you all think would be best?


My vote is super crop and retain all of the colas you can. Which wasn’t on the list, but I thought I would throw it out there. @3high5you


@Covertgrower I’m going to take the clones from the mother once she’s been in flower for two weeks. I’ll then root those clones and veg them to get them as big as possible!

I guess maybe my post wasn’t very clear. I’m trying to make as many good sites to take clones from as possible. I am going to sacrifice this entire mother to be sure I get six good quality clones. I’ll keep the best six and run them through to harvest.

@3high5you ok I got you now. Since they will be in flowering, you’ll have to give them 24hr light for about 2-3 days to get them to veg again. I had to do it twice because 18/6 wasn’t enough. Then after there established you can super crop the monster cropped clones. It’s a mouthful, but it works. I’m doing it to mine. When you take the cutting, its best to do it from the lowest part of the plant, but you could from any part.

My main concern is how to best prepare this mother to produce the most cuttings so that I can guarantee myself six happy healthy little soldiers.

Just keep her healthy and not too stressed then you will have good cuttings from wherever you want. If you fim and supercrop you will have tons of places to chose from like @Covertgrower was trying to explain.

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Yes what @Daddy said. Just keep giving her nutes, and the right amount of light. You can plan ahead a little and bend her over a little to encourage some side growth maybe. I have no experience with that, but LST, does encourage side growth it seems. Then you could bend her the other way. Unless she’s too stiff. If she’s too stiff, I would go for some side lighting. Just some thoughts. @3high5you