Mold control, bug blaster?

Specifically the bug blaster and mold control… Is it ok to use this stuff on the buds your guna smoke, and is it going to !@#$ with the taste and all that?

What would u recommend to prevent both pest and mold/fungus excluding just a better setup. I have great ventilation negative air pressure… the works, but what could I use along those lines to best protect

If you dont have to use it dont. Try keeping your environmental controls in check and keep your grow space meticulously clean. Dont work in the outdoor garden and then tend to your indoor garden do it the other way around. I am an organic gardener and as such do not like to use any pesticides / fungicides etc on my plants.

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If you start having mold/fungus issues, you can use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide & water to treat the plant. However, like @mountainman1 said, if you keep your environment dialed in, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Are you having problems or just trying to circumvent any? If you’re not having any problems I suggest just leaving it alone. Most pest and mold issues can be kept at bay with a good environment like everyone has said. Good air circulation and temp/RH control will keep molds at bay, and good watering practices will help keep gnats from forming.