Moisture meter? help plz

Doesnt root dmg stress out the plants? Wont moisture meters disturb/break roots? Want to avoid hermies. If not and u recommend them. How do u properly use them? At any angle? How many times around plant do u spot check for moisture? How deep recommend each time?

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I’d recommend not using them as they r crap anyways. Get a feel for the pot with being full and dry then wet it all good and feel it that way. If soil u wanna water it good then leave it to fully dry out. If coco u never let it dry. Either way I always water in coco or soil til I get 15 to 20% runoff. While small u don’t need to do this but as it grows after a good 2 weeks I’d start to soak the whole pot and let dry then soak and let dry. As it grows it drinks more so soil will require more watering in flower and late veg time


Agree with @Mark0427! Toss the moisture meter, weight of the pot or your finger is more accurate :love_you_gesture:

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No need to use a moisture meter. Like stated, they aren’t worth using.

Like @Mark0427 said.

The meter being not needed as stated ill try to feed other question. If root system is solid sticking a stake through the soil to bottom has zero effect. I do not scrog or tie up my big girls anymore. I just stake them up. 4ft bamboo stakes. I pull and move all through flower. No issues. Straight in no wiggling. Just what i see.


What are your avg yields per plant and which strains? So glad u commented this cuz ive been researching lst and topping and i really dont want to but i want best and largest yield possso ive been at a crossroads of what to do. I seen one person post a pic in reply to me on diff forum of all natural indoor grow and they looked geavy yields like lil menorahs or smthng so i want same results without risk of hermies


HST and LST won’t hermie the plant. Environmental stressors can, like leaks on photos can hermie. :love_you_gesture:

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Are you talking about light leakage when dark

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Yes mainly on photo period pants :love_you_gesture:

Thats scary

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