MJ Seed Life Span

Parts per million pH and temperature. I should learn more on what this pen can do. It has different probe ends to to get more money. I ended up buying a cheap set in the beginning and after testing from one to the other the cheap set wasn’t much off. It was the one with two different testers one yellow one black digital still have them.
When I see that unit I was like that’s a knockoff all day and I would buy it if got good review
PS I didn’t know my pens called the Blue lab pen

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@Edward7983 , I agree :100: , from seed ~ TO AHahhhh ! I’m Stoned ! wow man now I feel human again ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

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That meter would be fine to check EC But I would go ahead and pay up and get a good Apera PH meter.


I’ve narrowed it down… I’ll probably my go the el cheapo route… if it breaks prematurely, never again. my first grows all used one lie that, I just can’t find it

hey I have a question… i have the chance to do 2 separate grows, in different vacant rooms. I’d like to grow one Reggie and get it big, max 5gallon bucket

and grow 2 WW autos separately

would the 2 small LEDs be big enough for one big Reggie plant?

and the big LED enough for 2 WW autos?

p. s. if it’s advised I open a new thread to ask random question, I can do that


If you keep it all on the one thread it’ll make it a lot easier to reference the info later.



Yes , you can grow With those light. I will say this Quality lights is very important for inside Grow. The differences is having solid buds or fluffy buds.

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It’s a crap shoot on the seeds. They may or may not pop…but the reality is they may or may not pop when you buy them fresh from the breeder either!

I have 200+ strains in my vault and I keep them in a cool, dry, dark space in sealed containers. I don’t use the fridge/freezer.

I have some seeds remaining from the early '90s (not stored properly) and they are becoming dang hard to germinate…i’m only getting like 1/10 germination rate on those now.

Also, cleanliness is critical in the grow space…i wouldnt be setting anything up on top of an old moldy floor and expect anything but mold and mildew in my grow!


wow200 strains!!!

once i get a shipping confirmation and ETA ill soak 2 seeds… RN i have 3 bag seeds soaking in RO water and a little hydrogen peroxide