Mixing LEDs in 4x2

I’ve searched around the web and didn’t see anyone asking about this specific scenario, so hopefully this isn’t a repeat.
I got a Vivosun 4x2 kit for my first ever grow (of 2 or 3 plants?). The kit came with a Vivosun 300W LED light with switchable blue and red LEDs. I’m concerned that the light may not be large enough to fill the 4x2 tent even though it was packaged with it. I see that you guys like HLG lights here. If the single Vivosun 300 isn’t enough would I be able to mix it with something like an HLG 65? My concern is that the light spectrum may not be ideal in general, but especially for bloom. I saw in another post that the HLG 260XL R was suggested for a 4x2 but I cannot afford to drop that much money right now especially with this being my first grow. I can probably return the Vivosun 300 if there’s something better in the $100-175 range if that would be better than keeping it and mixing with something else. edit* Or I guess I could buy a second Vivosun to keep it uniform?

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You light is only around 130w.

Mixing lights is just fine. I did it this grow until my second HLG came in.

For your grow, ideally you want at least another 250w of good light.

With your budget, consider getting a 100w HLG.

Also, watch a YouTube channel called Migro. He’s a light manufacturer in the UK. He reviews tons of lights, even his competition. He’s very honest. You’ll learn a lot about lights and you might find something in your price range. I know he recommends an inexpensive one called an Apunono … or something like that. Check him out


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