Mixing brands in a DWC


Has any 1 mixed brands, in a DWC, I always go for deals and got a collection of things now, but the plan was,
Advanced nutrients 3 part base
Hydroplex, “Botanicare”
Armor si
Root drench benefical microbes
Floralicious plus
Diamond nector
Flora nector

Is there any you wouldn’t add, or add in addition to, I got to checking into humbolt nutrient golden tree to cut back on so many additives just not sure which 1s they would replace, anyways thanks ahead of time.

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The DN and the FP are both humic acid/leonardite

I know, but there both in the GH, feed schedule so I figured it’s fairly balanced when added together

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I use Dynagrow grow proteKt ,Uber uni one, and a third one cal mag from a different brand and it works fine. Just keep monitoring Ph and EC and you will be fine.

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