Minute, really minute critters dancing in water runoff dish

Found these tiny tiny white specks dancing around in the runoff water. Maybe a millimeter in length. Might be a nymph of some kind. Nothing seen in the soil from above or flying around.
Any idea?

Photo on 5-28-21 at 10.39 AM
Photo on 5-28-21 at 10.43 AM #2
Photo on 5-28-21 at 10.50 AM

Oh, a squirt of Simple Green killed them instantly but I’m not about to flush my girl with it.

Made me think of springtails, they showed up in the garden last year.

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Idc what they are. Kill em.

Use mosquito bits to top your soil. :+1: available in most box stores.

You could also play with neem oil, or a skim/sour milk water mix.


I just ordered some Diatomaceous Earth. Will give that a try.