Military Surplus ammo boxes/containers

Anyone Curing/Storing your crop in any-type Military Surplus ammo boxes/containers?..thoughts,pros,cons etc?..tia!

Interesting thought. I prefer Ball jars so that humidity is properly maintained.


I use the qt mason jars also.The reason I asked is,myself and a few friends of mine bought some of these ‘mortar charge’ containers,empty of course but in very good,almost new cond.They are metal cylinders, appx 30’’ deep and 5-6’’ diameter.They have a rubber seal and a latch similar to an old submarine hatch…just wondering…maybe some Boveda packs,bury it and ‘forget it’,at least until you need to ‘remember it’…:>)


I would guess there would be too much airflow (despite gaskets) for these to work well.

Good luck with it if that is what you choose to do. Maybe someone who has tried it before will come along and share their experience.

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All of us purchased these ‘containers’ for the purpose of storing survival-type-items.The ‘herb’ storage was just an afterthought…as far as “airflow”,I’m not sure what you mean,as these containers are 100% air/water-tight…thanks for your opinion.Thats exactly what I was ‘looking for’… :laughing:


Buds will mold inside those outside. I would stick to glass or other type of jars


A neighbor lost quite a bit storing in ammo cans out in a shed this time of year. Lots and lots of mold.

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…ahhh…but,was he using anything to ‘control’ the humidity?..also,sounds like it may not have been quite-dry-enough… :laughing:

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Just a shed and some ole bricks.