Mikes grow journal!

Sure looks cool there on the bank!!


That’s what I thought too bro. I mean after thinking about it, the water is 67-68F it has a waterfall that provides enough o2 in the water to sustain fish. And other plants. Should I maybe drop some nutes in there? Light dose?? I guess I’m getting into outdoor DWC? Seems legit lol.

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Your koi fish should provide all the nutes she’ll need lol!! I’ve been using my own homemade flately and the plants seem to love it.


Asking @noddykitty1 as he is an aquarium installer and uses fish water in his garden, I believe.


I put a gallon of pond water in my compost tea, I also add a turkey baster or two of poop and sediment from the bottom to it. Stopped buying fish poopoo altogether.


Mate ur doing great everything looks good


I feared you’d deserted me! That Green Beams light is KILLING it. The babies are all leaves up and looking extra tiny! I love them when they’re so small. It really amazes me, the entire process every single time! Glad your here for the show friend!

Tiny babies now, hard to believe in 6 months 4 of them are going to be around 8’ tall or more!! Finishing at 10+ feet usually


My seed incubator is made out of an old refrigerator drawer and it works wonderfully! Cheap light real close keeps it warm and moist!


@Freebirdmikes Man you got it goin’ on! Currently I can only grow one small plant in 1/4 of a closet, unless I grow guerrilla. :crazy_face:


Thank you buddy @Darodguy … Everything in due time. This is the first time I’ve been able to really dedicate reasonable resources toward producing a high quality indoor grow as well as a fair amount of time. I’ve always loved growing any kind of plants, But most important withthout my amazing wife none of this would be possible, so again thank you for the shoutout!

As a recovering long term meth/heroine addict I recently realized that I took so much for granted in life and even in early recovery I didn’t realize how lucky and blessed I am. Let’s face it. Few people survive addiction, just look at the weekly paper or the tv news, it’s horrible and ultimately most addicts are doomed to “jails, institutions and death” as we says in program. It’s so Tragic TBH.

But here I am living a second chance life I probably shouldn’t have, and most people will never get. So I make sure to enjoy it and do what I love every moment I can, I lost too many important years to not do exactly that.

My wife, my truck, and our beautiful desert, coupled with love, compassion, and wanderlust.

Thanks again to everyone that’s following along. You guys are all great!!


That’s pretty cool Brother! I grew one floating in an aquarium once, only lasted 2 months but it was cool as hell :love_you_gesture:


It kinda completed the whole pond/porch area, everything I used to build the pond and surrounding area with the exception of the lights pump and liner is all stuff we’ve collected over the years of adventures. It’s like a collage, but instead of pictures I used the souvenirs trinkets rocks and junk we brought home for whatever reason to represent all we enjoy. Even the waterfall apex is made from one of my old work boots.


Cheers Brother and I salute you! The view looks like the high desert of California?? Lived there for 4 years in the early 80s. Appreciate ya joining the community family :love_you_gesture:


Let’s hit the trails!


Oh yea bro!!! We’re ALWAYS on a trail somewhere. Even when commuting to get groceries! Front end is set up with gusset plates, tubular upper control arms with inverted ball joints, fully adjustable coilovers and sway bar delete. Stock VS bulletproof

It’s a wonderful truck for exploring and climbing whatever we want lol. It’s got nothing on the race trucks tho!


Fantastic story!! Congratulations on your recovery and passion for life!! I’m living a second life myself.


Nice job, I like those welds! Good choices on the trucks guys, I only worked at a Toyota dealer for a year but seen almost no repairs, no problems, as a result happy customers. They just come in for routine maintenance and wiper blades, easy stuff.


Way to go bro! Glad to hear it. I’ve found a whole world of peace in growing cannabis. Enjoy every second of it and this forum gives me the chance to help other in need as well as further my knowledge all around. At some point I’ll actually share my whole story with those who are interested.


Awesome vehicles, we have a 2020 Camry TRD and the 02 Tacoma 4wd pictured. I’ve been a Technician for about 13 years in the automotive field ASE Master certified for like 6 years. If I can say anything at all about reliable vehicles it would be buy a Toyota or Honda, every manufacturer builds decent vehicles and each has its own unique issues but for whatever reason Toyota and Honda absolutely take the cake in economy and dependability with the lowest overall ownership expenses when properly maintained and cared for! I’ve been running an emergency/scheduled full service mobile repair business the last couple and couldn’t love the decision the wife and I made any more. Once I started to enjoy my life and learned how to cope with issues in a healthy manner things just don’t really bring me down too much anymore. Life’s way to short to let things steal your joy.


Oh the plants, that’s right! Lol
Here’s a fresh photo drop of the girls I just took.
I can’t say it enough times, this green beams light is supurb! Thanks for recommending them @Graysin, they’re out performing all my expectations!

And for the babies!

White widow

Violet kush

Original skunk #1

And Royal OG kush

All just as happy as can be in their seedcubator

Enjoy, thanks for reading!!