Midget plant RDWC

I has like issue, my lsd in rockwool is micronized not sure why. My first grow in RDWC. I has been watching this forum thread. i submit my system has been tetiring between 5.8 and 5.5. I see no Roots, @Myfriendis410 inread some your posts and you ask for list of systems and readings heres mine.

RDWC 30Gal systemb
current pH 6.1 via auto pH drip device Milwaukee MC-120
strain: LSD photoperiod
Nutrients: GH Micro 1 cup GH Grow(green one) 1 cup
ppm: unknown atm

picture of this midget


Do you see any roots out of the bottom of net pot?

You do need to monitor the TDS along with the PH.

Are you running a chiller? What is liquid temp?

Do you have air going to liquid?

I don’t understand quantities. This should be mixed to a specific TDS (around 800 to 900 ppm)

You say Micro but should be running Grow along with cal mag and silica.

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No Roots yet,
i keep temp water at 68° fahrenheit temp heater
and air bubblers one per basket,
so i thought to use the Luca formuler, asked for 8ml per gal at 30 gal i could be wong. i has the autoPh set at 6.0 it varies some but not much now, used to be at 5.6-5.8 , i will take appm reading n see about matching that.

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Whoa baad news, looks like my ppm is at an astonishing 1600 ppm, i will has to take out sevreal gallons out, swap em for clean water and add the GH grow , silica and calmag then at the tune of 700-900 then yeah, seen as im already in the office , I’ll have to do this chewsday i’nit gov? @Myfriendis410 @Shemp @MidwestGuy @Fiz

also sometimes bout 18 times out of 20 my germinated seeds die in the rockwool, even tho i do the nutrient bath. maybe my rockwool nute bath needs correcting, what do yall used when preparing the cubes for taproot insertion etc.

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I don’t do hydro myself, but I suspect your germination issue may be because you are putting nutes in the rockwool?

I am using coco which is nutritionally inert. But I don’t feed the babies until they have grown for a week or so. The seed leaves feed the newborns.

I’ve never had much luck with the Lucas method. I stick pretty close to GH’s ratio recommendations. Their chart here has all kinds of info on it, you can see how high your PPM’s were by comparison.

I start in Rockwool, but just with plain water until at least the cotyledons open up, then pretty much use the chart as a guide. The biggest problem I’ve had with rockwool is that they tend to hold too much water and drown seedlings.

Rockwool is probably too wet and is damping off.

i has update
Ppm is am 900
GH gro 1.8 ml/g
Silica 1.8 ml/g
Hydroguard 1.9ml/gal
Calmag 1.8 ml/g
A spot of GH micro 1ml/gal

Leaves are bit bigger also I had Roots appear at the bottom, but now the leaves are getting lighter green, I need to increase N ? Not sure heer

@Myfriendis410 @Shemp @MidwestGuy @Fiz

I beseech thee, Masters of Leaf


Ppm at 900 should be ok? Honestly though I’m not certain. My current plants are larger than that one and I’m feeding 600 and bumping to 800 next week.

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New growth comes in light green until the chlorophyll develops.


canna doesnt like bring bottom lit. it breathes through the bottom and feeds from the top. I took my bottom reflectors off because of lighting issues.

ok so like what if I changed from reflectors to like black colored covers , just to keep light off my hydrotongd.

Bush is coming in noice Thank you @Myfriendis410 @Bubbala @zmon @Fiz

Y’all got er dun I’m on the right track


i dont see why not.

Update: So far so good using the GH chart and peeping ppm levels and the sort but now there’s a really weird issue where one plant is noticably greener than my other one, same RDWC water they share, so me am no sure why.
My only theory is since one is the older sister her roots are killing the land and sucking all the hot nitrogend up from the nutrient water.

One more interesting symptom happened same time when the two started to differ in colour is pH has been dipping 0.2 a day, I keep having to rectify. Checked water levels in case they were drinking too much but not much difference in levels.
It is steady declining into more acidic.

Ppm 800
water temp 68° f
5.8 pH
Week 4 of established veg stage

I am attaching photos of both for comparison.

And from the top view:

@Myfriendis410 @Bubbala @Fiz @zmon @MidwestGuy

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Different plants have different requirements so likely that is what you are seeing. PH drift is normal and I would keep doing what you are doing.

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First - looking very good over there.

I have two plants from the same batch of seeds and one is darker and one lighter.

I did have a pH drift I didn’t know might happen, it wasn’t awful but the lighter one complained about it very quickly. I put it down to genetics, and in my case one plant is more sensitive to nutes/pH issues.

Your girls have nice size for LSD plants, I grew LSD autos and they were small, another advantage to photos - need more size, just add time…
They look nice and bushy and pretty. Can’t hardly wait to see what comes next!

I have a Probrem big time!!

One night they went to 4.7 not sure why but there was mad acid in the mix, so when I woke up I settled the pH back to 5.8, but one day later and this plant is still super droopy and I think dying, I need advice pronto.
@Myfriendis410 @Fiz @zmon

Thank you in advance my Heroes.

First thing is to do a reset: drain and clean all reservoirs and mix fresh. While there do an exam of the roots to make sure they are clean and not smelly or slimy.

Plant is showing issues in the root zone.

Would be good to get the specifics of the grow: water temps, nute line, TDS of mixed nutes etc.


I am deferring to @Myfriendis410. Though there are similarities b/t growing in autopots/coco and hydroponics, your question is specific to a hydroponic grow.

Good luck!

This is what I found, and it smells lke sewer or mangrove. @Myfriendis410 @zmon @Bubbala

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