Mid michigan grow

Outside mid michigan gold leaf, skywalker og, wedding cake. Started mid March, they are mothers and monsters.


Welcome to the growing community.

The plants are looking awesome!


Welcome looking good!

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Welcome to the community :wave:

Your plants look outstanding! Wedding Cake is one of my favorites.

Happy growing :v:

Thanks all 45 gal fabric pots. My dirt mix, water only except an aact every 2 or 3 weeks.

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Early July looking good. Still water only.


Plants are looking good! I also am in Michigan and started some on 3-17 and a few others on different dates just in case (have done this the last 2 years to ensure a steady crop and in case of any issues). Have a few plants starting to flower and am a bit nervous its a bit too early for Buds to be forming but will wait and see.

Ya my baby wanna bud really bad too. I have been growing for a while, was a caregiver for number of years. All organic grow. Water only. If you have some pics put them up would love to see them. Peace.

I’m still new to this site and having trouble uploading pics. Have a few shots of the auto taken the other day if i can fogure it out lol

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There we go! Critical Purple outdoor perhaps a month or so left to harvest. This is the smallest Auto so far but the other years were from bag seed.

Here are a few of the
Ladies. Lemon Candy, Amnesia, another Critical Purple Auto, Blue Fire


This is the one that is the farthest into flower


Look good. Bet they are starting to really smell. Lol

Thanks! Yeah they are starting to stink a bit lol. Hopefully it won’t become a problem both neighbors know their there but the one guy doesn’t seem too happy about it. The last 2 years was a lot less plants and am running 9 this year with 2 being Autos that should help since they are only 2 ft or so. Really went balls to the wall to step garden game up this year trying to increase quality since it’s just for personal use and last years run was enough to make it thru the year a d is almost all gone. It really is fun to watch something grow that you put your time/love into!

Love big Michigan plants, can’t wait to see what they look like in late September.

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Ya can’t wait for harvest either. Mine all got stolen last year. About 2 weeks out from harvest. So about 600 bucks into security this year.

Son of a b…ch, ya they got some of mine last year too, fortunately I had some well locked up that they did not get. I also put a lot into security this year as well.


Dang that sucks! Sorry to hear the “Fence Hoppers” got to you, people like that are absolutely terrible and lazy since anyone can grow their own without having to resort to stealing someone else passion and the time and Love that we put into the Art of Growing. I have family that install security cameras so the whole property is under surveillance plus a few GUNS are always a good idea to have around to protect yourself and your stuff, not sure if i would shoot but would seriously consider it if i happen to find someone in my garden, especially since they would have to jump a high fence to get there would mean they couldnt just stumble back there and would 100% have bad intentions if caught back there. Had to pull a piece on a big black lady i found wondering around the garden talking to herself, turned out she was a Meter Reader on a Blue Tooth and was not wearing company clothes just a black Dickies Jacket. She nearly shit her pants when she saw me and i was just as nervous, once she explained who she was and what she was doing back there we had a good laugh but it was a close call for both of us. Since that day they always wear a vest when doing any kind of City work lol. With the amount of $$$ saved by growing your own i was able to make the crop last all year instead of paying $240/OZ at the Dispensary so it adds up to a lot of money and am not fuckin around when it comes to fence jumpers, the people that know me know that i will give them some when its time anyways so its it their best interest not to steal crops.

Ya we call them rippers cause they just rip them out. They were at least 2 to 3 weeks early. So much time and so much love. Ripped up. Now I have camera’s motion alarms and lights. Always had guns and my dogs but they weren’t enuff. I dare them to try this year.