Mexico is smuggling our grass to Mexico

My cousin is an pencil pushing agent. For an alphabet agency. They are catching more going out then coming in. She is a linguist


Best best argument yet for building a wall ? :wink:

Keep America Stoned! :thumbsup:


My only problem with the wall solution is if we can stop the flow of contraband, we can stop the flow of anything.

Remember the Iron Curtain?

I just remember the movies and I don’t look forward to the third installment, “Escape From the USA!”

Walls built to keep people out also lead to keeping people in…


It was just a joke not a political statement I guess I should have realized that it’s a really politically sensitive right now and after recent developments I guess more than ever if anybody wants I’ll delete it or they can flag it I thought it was funny I try to bring a few laughts to life, but not to offend


I’ll take the hit for this one.

I wasn’t planning on it being a political comment. The idea is a good one. It’s residual effects that have me concerned.

Liberty is important to me as an ex-con. I’ve been in prisons small and large. A 5 acre prison is no better than a 100 acre prison. I don’t think one the size of the States would be any better.

I guess I am a bit sensitive about it. I see the reasoning and admit it is sound. So was the Social Security system. Not what it was supposed to be.

I know there will be open borders. It’s inevitable. It doesn’t matter who wins in that aspect. Eventually, there will be one government. Trump could only delay it.

Didn’t mean to get political, 'tis the season…


Honestly except to say that I’ve always been a political junkie and I’m a registered independent I’m having the time of my life & loving it this political season !

… its unbelievable and unprecedented but besides that I was just making a joke :peace:


I was never really into politics before. Convicted felons can’t vote and I got my adult conviction at 17, so…

By the time I was able to get my Rights restored I had already decided that individual votes don’t count in the presidential election. All about the Electoral College.

I would also be considered an independent in my ideals. The two major parties are too far gone with corruption. Unfortunately, today’s media works for them. Most people don’t even get to hear the other ideas from the independent parties.

It can only be what it has to be…


I guess NAFTA is bad for the country lol :cactus:


Perfect lmao​:four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:

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Makes sense, they’ve been smuggling ditch weed in forever and now that the revolution has started we’re making some of the best in the world! America is now a big player in the weed game.