Merry Christmas. A seedling is born on Christmas Day…help please

Not even it looks ok I dont rhink we need the test. Mix 1.5 gal tap water with nutes and soak up as much as you can. 6.5 to 6.8 pH

I think its helping your watering is effective so I’m sure the roots like that. That’s probably why it was easy to fix.
Not like this. Pic I stole. Heavily watered til lots run-off but there’s no test or ppm that would fix bad watering.

the numbers given sounded like lots of water with lots of runoff

Ok … So given that the boost is 100 and the tap water i recall is 200 something - should i do tap water and then add engh to bring up 100 more with boost and then bring up the rest with flowertime to 800 and keep at 6.5-8 ph?

My roots are actually showing a little on the top

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oh my…i don’t mean in a girly way lol…so plants roots are baring a bit so i pulled in a little solid from outside of the pot - roots are good and stem is wide

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I dont know effects of them… some brands require mixing in order a b c or stuff like that.
1tsp FT into 1.5 gallon tap (instead of 1gal) should be a good start. That’s approx 2/3 dose.
Up there u said “im guessing” that was what I was thinking til seeing more forum info of Bergmans.

Roots on top awesome thats what some organic growers go for, sometimes mulch to get it. Jealous

Ha I thought it was bad…thought they were getting chilly

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Not bad I have the same, roots on top and just under soil, and coming out bottom of fabric pot,they trim them selfs off out the bottom.


I’d take a picture but light is shite. Let’s see if I can produce. Lol

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Going in 821 total inc 100 boost 6.8

Coming out 956/6.5

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:+1: :muscle: . Right on sounds easy.
Got a haircut, trim? Looks good.
Knocked one off looks like. Oh well. Lots more

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Ha nope. Leaves when yellow I’m pulling off. Perhaps the angle of the dangle ha

Ok so we’re good for a few days

Estimate how long you think left lol.

Week 14. Yesterday it’s birfday

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The one I cut off was from in the middle of this journey when I didn’t water as wasn’t home and looked shriveled. You advised to lop it off so off it came! Lol

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How long do you estimate left?

I’m not proud of my old estimate. It’s longer probably 4 weeks now. By the looks of it anyway. It looked that to me but seems to be slow

Should be farther along I’m sure it’s going slowly. Three werks if it can speed up. Is light enough. And enough light hours.
If buds are done swelling and just need to color in ripe then two to three weeks. They look so young though… all white hairs. Like buds that are still growing

That’s good that look like still growing. Previously was on 18/6 now on 16/8. I could up that.

I keep feeding and boost every other time?

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Yes she needs FT and Boost.
No back and forth on the light sched might bring out issues. Its OK there now. I wonder how much energy your lights giving her. That mostly why I have slow flowers

If I could afford it I would use root innoculants or bio- products or whatever theyre called. Recommended to me by members I trust here. Recharge or TPS Billions and all the germ stuff. They help reach potential. Especially when we regularly dump synthetic nutes in like this. I have no product knowledge there.
Or feed the germs that are in there. 1tsp molasses in a gallon water, feeds the good microbes. (Any sugar really but molasses is most complex).
Plants not cold. Cold slows growth.
Flowering (and fruiting) takes huge light energy.
Root mass should be lots big. Use Booster til the end every feeding.
I dunno what else could be limiting speed now. But it looks good to me