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I would still put interposing relays between the module points and load even with relay outputs. I use all 10 amp rated relays and parallel the NO contacts for heavy loads like the A/C and dehumidifier.

And, yes, if you upgrade to a larger chassis later, all you need to do is move all of the modules to the new chassis. You will need to open the programming software and reconfigure for the new chassis size. If you have existing programs, you will want all of the existing modules in the same slot that they came out of. Your programs will still be in the processor so you are then good to go.

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Ok sounds like a game plan I will make an account and start fumbling around with the code is it pretty easy to navigate and use is it similar to any others?

10 4 you are awesome appreciate this sir.


Correct, the “slick” is because they are slc 500. And there is a way around their old school communications. If you have them all networked you can access network through more modern processor. There was 4 of us that had access to do this.

I don’t have a lot of exposure to newer stuff, but it seemed like learning on the older stuff was pretty easy to adapt to new, but not so much the other way around. I actually learned on plc 5 then we put on addition in 90’s that was mostly slc 500 and micro logix equipment. When we went back to upgrading part of the building from the 60’s started getting some control logix. If you look at upgrades being the same as previous versions but you could also do all this other stuff wasn’t bad. I didn’t know any better than having to go out to piece of equipment, open cabinet, plug in, download, yada yada.


It is similar to others. The EZRack software is not as fancy or capable as Studio 5000 or RS-Logix 5000 but it doesn’t cost a couple thousand per seat. The EZRack software is better than most of the mid-range PLC programming software.

As with all of this sort of software, there are weird things that you must learn and then they are not weird any more. All in all, I find it very easy to work with.

Again, I will be glad to work with you if you need it.


Perfect yeah, I mean I am not trying to control any servo motors in the near future at my house just something easy to use and do the basic simple stuff.
Really appreciate that @merlin44


I have used the EZRack for doing this and it worked remarkably well considering the price point. You can fill a 7-slot with modules for about the cost of one I/O module for Allen-Bradely.


haha that is amazing I am not smart enough for that @merlin44 I am going to be happy with turning a light on with a timer right now but if it can handle that it can handle anything I would want to do with it and last awhile.


One thing that is easy and fun to do is to create a real-time clock simulation in the PLC so that you can make a day last something like 10 minutes. If done cleverly you can test your light logic with the clock simulation in just a few minutes. then you can make a couple of simple modifications for the logic to use the actual real-time clock.

If this interests you and you need help, let me know.

I have a clock simulation in my logic and have written the code so that I can switch from real-time to simulated time by opening or closing an internal contact.

This can even be done in full PLC simulation mode without a single piece of PLC hardware.


@TMC.PRE If you get the software downloaded and installed, perhaps we can have a Skype or Signal video call to get you started if you have any difficulty.

We would need to ask @dbrn32 to help us by setting up a private messaging session so that we can exchange numbers as we can’t do that in the forum.


Your the man @merlin44 I can’t believe it only took 2 weeks. Probably a week if I didn’t have to work so much.


@merlin44 hows it going decided tp hop back on here and see how the old growmies are doing.


I am doing OK, @Killadruid. It is good to see you back on the board. How are things with you and yours? Any grows going?


Yes of course ive got my 3 room setup still. Still running hlg quantum boards. Ill send a couple pics when my internet quits acting up.



Well the gf has lupus. We finally legal in my state this year so trying to figure out where i want to stand in the legal market. Ive started making these also.


This all looks mighty good. I am a little jealous but will get something going soon. My most recent harvest was back in the spring.


Yeah my most recent harvest was obsidian black




@Big123 You got ahold of my family portrait!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and @merlin44 ! Hello to Shell!


Shell says Hi back at you. It was weird this morning…I could not access anything and I was no longer logged in automatically when I finally got back on the board. Had to reset my password and everything.