Mercury Vapor HID

Hi i got a 80%off price on Mercury Vapor light with ballast so decided i would get it.
It good for anything growing?

I am interested to hear others opinions on them. I have read good things about them, but sadly haven’t had a chance to use one yet.

Did some quick research and here is what I have found:
The oldest member of the HID family, mercury vapor lamps work by arcing electricity through mercury vapor. While more efficient than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps, mercury vapor lamps have the least efficient lumen-to-watt ratio of the entire HID family. This, combined with an improper color spectrum for horticultural applications, makes mercury vapor lamps a poor choice for a grow light.
Basically not all that great of a light to use :confused:

Thanks for lettin me know
Was a good deal on a ballast atleast and i can buy a HPS and MH bulb for it

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