MeEasy what is going on now (Part 2)

Pretty work Mr Storm :facepunch::sunglasses:


Quick share

I went in last night to check the girls and drop the last two in pots. I was surprised by the growth I saw just 31 hours later, so I snapped a picture to share with you.
I also wanted to share the way I rotate the girls every day. The farthest pots on the right are moved to the other end, shifting the rest over to the right, spinning each pot 90°. This guarantees they will get the same light and airflow as they move around the growroom.
Moving them around the growroom also gives me a chance to pick up each one and give them water to make em weigh about the same. I do this throughout the grow even though flowering

Happy Humpday and thanks for stopping by the growroom :beers: :grinning:

Last two girls getting dirty

oh yeah, I also swept the dirty azz floor :rofl:


Its crazy how fast they explode once they dig into that soil buffet lol


7/10 seed sale

Click this picture to see what’s on sale



Is that how high your lights are at this stage of growth ?
Do you use a lux or par light meter ?



Yeah that’s where I have the lights set. I like to run my light high and up high to get the plants used to the brightness so that when I’m increasing the intensity it’s not a shock to them. I have a Pulse Pro it’s a good little machine that monitors the growroom and it has an actual par meter on it. Here’s a screenshot of what it shows. This is an old screenshot not where I have the lights set right now


Have to put that on bucket list @$499.

Just got a light on sale for $200 bought those 10 gallon tall and those plastic training clips you use I just ordered 20# Roadside organics.

Saving all kinds of :moneybag: growing.

Nice to know what’s in and on what I am smoking not to mention the satisfaction ‘high’ of smoking your own.

I read that organic weed is more potent, smokes better curious, how you would rate that ?



Thanks Easy.


Oh yeah, I saw you talking about the new light, congrats it’s a good quality light you won’t regret it. Light is one of if not the most important parts in growing good buds.
I had to wait quite a while to buy the Pulse. It’s taken years to gather up everything I have and now most of it is obsolete :laughing: but works great.

Nothing beats smoking your own grown. As for the difference between synthetic and organic. Organic growers will tell you that there’s a big noticeable difference in taste and quality while synthetic growers will say there’s no difference :wink: so here I go…
There’s a big difference in taste and quality of organic smoke, but you do lose a little quantity. Synthetic coco/hydro is the way to go for anyone looking to $ in. You will get better yields and faster growth with synthetic


Going to 10 gallon pots anxious to see the difference in quality also.

I was really happy with the Gaia Green was using for 18 months very apprehensive about going to Roadside Organics.
Test run with the Roadside started at flower and was on my first clones that were under lighted and under feed.
Ran out of Gaia going into flower when
I started with Roadside a week later. About 2 weeks out from chop now and plants looking good from all that.

New light for clones , Roadside, 10 gallon pots should Rock.

Dots are starting to connect.

Thanks Dude


They are looking good :+1: the bigger pots will help 4sure.

I wish I could go bigger with mine. I’ve gotten a little better keeping my plants on the smaller size to make up for the smaller pots


:astonished: oh :poop:

Looks like I focked up somehow. I either broke some roots, it damped off, or just wasn’t a good seed :thinking: the world may never know. It looks really wet because I watered it hoping it comes back, I’ve seen it before

I dropped a second seed but it dropped straight to the bottom. So I dropped another strain from Original Sensible to replace it.

I hate when this happens. Now I’ll have a plant that is a couple weeks behind the others. What can we do start all over :laughing:


Toss a dome on it i bet it comes back


Everyone else is happy in there, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks buddy


Yeah ive had seedlings do this to me before i either dome it and it stands back up or just let it be and if it dosnt make it then she wasn’t good enough to be grown in my garden plain and simple lol


The lights went out shortly after I domed her so I will wait until 9 tonight to see what happens.

I’ve let the rooters go a little to dry and found a few looking like this but an hour after watering it was back up and happy. This one hasn’t moved yet :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Ill keep my fingers🤞 for ya buddy


No go brother, she’s a gonner… you win some n lose some