Medical testimonials: How did Canabis save you or a loved one♥️

As a Registerd Nurse I believe in the flower but would love this comunity to share their personal testimonials about how this bautiful plant have influenced your health and healing or those you loved…
I have personaly seen the effects of its awsome effects for my pasients and husband…
I want to encourage also discusing strain specific remedies for ailments and dosage for optimal therapitic use…I would like to help others in Healing with Canabis…






As you know, in South-Africa many cultures have been using dagga in treating chronic conditions in rural areas as asthma.
Not smoking the dagga, but making a tea out off the dagga (especially for the young, staying in areas where the closest pharmacy is miles away)
Got this from a :us_outlying_islands: government website:
National Library of Medicine

“Background: With the increased use of cannabis in the medicinal and recreational domains, it is becoming more important for physicians to better understand its harmful and beneficial effects. Although medical cannabis comes in several forms, the preferred route of administration is smoking or inhalation. After caring for three asthmatic patients who were treated with medical cannabis and who reported improvement in their symptoms, we decided to review the available data on the effects of medical cannabis on asthmatic patients.”

“Results: Cannabis has a bronchodilator effect on the airways and might have an anti-inflammatory effect on asthmatic patients. However, harmful effects on the lungs are mainly attributed to smoking and include airway irritation and the development of chronic bronchitis symptoms.”



My wife is a DON and recently got into a facility that she can start advocating more for medical cannabis. We are both patients and I can tell you right now, a couple drops before a busy day makes all the difference.


Due to a “fluid mucocele” that i have, from my sinus cavity - pressing against my brain (now and then) especially when i have flu, and my sinuses are inflamed- i get epileptic fits… Surgically, due to it being to deep inside my skull, i only have 50% chance to survive the operation (also has cardiomyopathy making surgical intervention even worse)

Why i am mentioning this is, i have been having more frequent fits in the last 4 years, since it was first diagnosed longer than 4 years ago - like you know @CannaHeks (behind curtains some Doctors have said that they think it was the cannibis that helped me not having seizures for so many years, prior to my diagnosis)
I know in the Netherlands :netherlands: it’s been used for centuries to help with seizures…

Question to the cannafamily…
What specific cannibis strains would you suggest that will help with epilepsy…? (Maybe something you yourself are using or a family/friend)


A co-worker who suffered from severe migraines confided in me that as soon as he retired he was moving back to Cali where he was from. Pure and simple, one hit from a joint and his migraines disappeared. He said he’d suffered from them since a car accident in high school and learned he could take a toke or two right out of bed and would never get them. If he couldn’t for whatever reason and one came on a toke and it was gone in minutes.

I’ve seen this strong, grown man on his knees vomiting from migraines. Afraid to take a toke from fear of being fired if he had to pee in a cup. He couldn’t leave the job due to insane insurance laws. His son had spinal bifida and was in a care facility locally. He wouldn’t risk it for fear of losing care for his son.

My eyes are watery now thinking about this mans incredible perseverance, and love for his son.

His son passed a few months before I retired. I do not know his current situation. I hope the best for him.


Wow my brother… Your colleague went through a lot… Although it was illegal in South-Africa for a long time, cannibis was easy to buy… (not the :martial_arts_uniform: belt cannibis you folks are growing) but still… easy to get fro the local “taxi rank” or train station… Been nursing since 2001, never was asked to pee in a cup at work, although a lot of my senior colleagues knew that i was smoking cannibis - (never at work) and never couldn’t do my work… My wife @CannaHeks are struggling more and more with migraines now a day’s… can be due to stress with the kids doing “home schooling” and we both work night duty at the :hotel: the same time.

Mine to my brother… you get great dads and then you get :poop::poop: dads…

Me and my wife too…
Thanks for sharing your story, make you think about life and what you have/going through… every house has there up’s and downs…


He had four children, Two daughters two sons. The first son had the same condition and passed at 4 years old. He never told me he had another son, I saw it in the obituary for the second son. “proceeded in death by…”

Both his daughters had scoliosis. Neither him or his wife had any history of any spinal conditions in their families.

His character came out in his work as well, I respected him long before I knew anything about him personally.

We interact with people everyday, we never know the weight they may be carrying around.


I read a t-shirt the other day that said, “Everyone you see has problems you don’t know”. Gives you something to think about.


Very true… “It’s not how hard you can give the shots, but how hard you can take them”


I was surprised lately to learn how fast and effective topical use is. I made oil for somebody to eat and they used it for rub haha then tells me it works better. Strange it gets in there that fast I know nothing about tissue’s absorption so maybe not surprising to yous with medical knowledge


Bruce Banner, seeds of which I purchased from ILGM, gives me immediate relief from back pain. Growing the canabis played a HUGE part in the remission of ME being a practicing alcoholic…alcohol free now for 4 years…an actual medical miracle… @Bosvarkie there is a strain of canabis that was bred for relief of epeleptic seizure , as I recall its called Charlotte’s Web and was the basis for Simpsons oil. I hope :pray: my facts are correct on this. I will research it further but this is a good starting point for your personal research…will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…Happy Growing

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