Medical for RA in Wisconsin

Sorry about that.


Any amount (first offense) Misdemeanor 6 months $ 1,000
Any amount (subsequent offense) Felony 3.5 years $ 10,000

Sale or Delivery

200 g or less Felony 3.5 years $ 10,000
200 - 1000 g Felony 6 years $ 10,000
1000 - 2500 g Felony 10 years $ 25,000

This is a sample of the risk you just asked someone to take for you in Wisconsin. Pretty steep risk to assume for someone you just met on the internet don’t ya think?
I understand you may be hurting and I commiserate with that. However, your post is the internet version of cruising the park at 10pm Saturday night asking all the teenagers,…“pssst!.. Who has the weed?”


Point taken.