Mechanic trying grow lol

At 120w I’d put it 3 ft up and use it to clone with

Right now I use 2 4’ light bars that run at 110 true watts


ty again

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Hello @PharmerBob . I gave two seeds to a friend about 2-3 weeks before I started my two . he showed up yesterday with them wow, great job on his part.pic of light he used and of two new ladies

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1 x 800W LED Grow Panel Light 90 degree Reflector COB;1 x Power Line;2 x Stainless Steel hangers they are only 6 weeks old

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Never used that cob light but that one looks terrific!

I’d supplement a bit of far red during bloom but that’s a great light

thoughts on this @PharmerBob * 【NOTE】COB X5 1500W LED Grow Light Using Third Generation full spectrum Look like White color,But you will find it is full spectrum from 380-800nm for plants under Spectrum Tester, largely accelerate the plant growth. optimize the investment return of commercial plant growing.

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@PharmerBob the ladies are doing great just wondering when to flip to flower, they are about 25 inches tall in 9 in tall pot with only 5ft of height to play with

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They may double in size! So make your best choice as to when: the pic didn’t show the plant and the space between the canopy and the light…

they are going into 2x4x5 tent with x5 cob light

well 4th week of flower

all is good just bushy lol



well at wk 8 of flower

gettimg close or wait


Welcome @Gweed… I’m a Mechanic too… Lookin Good there… I Learned that being Stubborn (like a mechanic must be) and trying to Make my Plants do Something kills them, but you’re Way past That Lol… Check and on my journal and see what you think …


@PharmerBob put up some recent( this mourning) pics

Looks like a few more days, you have a lens to get up close?


Your girls is looking good. Definitely invest the $10 or so on a jeweler loupe. With the 30x lens will show you the trichromes good enough to see their color.

At 60x…bam. Perfect view. The jeweler loupe is a must have item and it will help show you when the plant is ready for harvest or not.

Of course you don’t look at the sugar leaves.

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close up


Frosty! Congrats on your grow!

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top view

we are ready