Mct help. The high keeps coming

Ok I made tincture with my source turbo and evaporated the last few mils into Mct. I have no problem with it other than it didn’t seem as potent to me. My daughter has a bulging disc and just started using it when I make it it’s with 50% cbd flower.
Here’s the problem. It hits her sometimes hours later and comes in waves. One dose last her 36 hours (lucky). She loves the pain free part but the head high body high she’s getting tired of not knowing when it’s going to hit. @blackthumbbetty
This problem didn’t while using vg for the tincture.

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Have you changed anything else besides the glycerin? Decarb time? Your general process? Buds used? Etc?

I doubt the carrier liquid changing from vg to MCT has affected its potency or activation time in any meaningful way.

CBD can reduce some of the activity of THC, which is perfectly normal and expected.

Are you titrating the doses accurately?

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Her dose is 15 mg thc 15 cbd. Process the same I just wonder if we are processing the Mct differently for some reason. Last week she tried my bottle of just thc and was not prepared for it. No cbd to limit the high she said it was outer body.

All flower was from same grow on the thc and cbd flower. Only difference is the Mct as the carrier.

Is this CBD/THC mix new? How are you figuring your doses? Has she changed her diet, is she taking new meds, or anything else that could change the way her body is processing meds?

Have you researched whether there’s a difference in how vg & mct are absorbed by the body? I don’t know that answer, myself, but when you find it out, come back and share it.


Going off tested cbd flower and my untested purple kush. Use 1/2 oz each. Decarb the cbd longer as I read that it takes longer.
Cold wash both combined. Filtered and in the source. Added to 2 oz Mct we figured the dose at 4.7 mg per drop.

No meds. She hates anything not natural but is new to thc and real cbd

Sorry to butt in, but I have a similar problem. Edibles and anything ingested takes between 1 to 8 hours for me to react to…
I found out that by using some sunflower lecithin in my infused coconut oil helps me assimilate more of the thc and faster too…
I am still testing if it’s reliable, but that’s what seems to helps for me… hope it can serve you with your daughter! :nerd_face:


Lecithin makes it more readily bioavailable, for certain.

Another thing to try is to mix the fresh oil from the Source, cooled, with some tapioca maltodextrin. This ensures on-set within about 15 minutes, because your body treats the cannabinoids bound in the maltodextrin like sugar.

Not for diabetics. :grinning:


She’s currently so freaking high it’s funny but knowing it’s from yesterday’s dose it’s a little concerning. It comes and goes hours in between.

Note. She’s functional just laughing at everything. Lol