Maybe my conditions don't favor the strain?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi, quick question about weak plants. Wondering if you pros allow weak plants to grow out. Halfway through flowering a variety of your seeds, including two California Dream plants. Both are more compact than the rest of my crop, so maybe my conditions don’t favor the strain. But one was weak and faded from the time it was a seedling. I kept it going, thinking it might have just hit a hot spot in the soil (I use a good mixture based on Fox Farms). But the plant stayed weak and light-green forever, after flushing etc. Maybe the seed itself was weak. The other California Dream now has nice sticky firm buds with tons of sprinkle, while the weak one is still pretty much unsprinkled popcorn. (The rest of my crop is thriving – even the two Gold Leafs that sprouted a week late.) I grew it out as an experiment, hoping I would maybe get a small but usable yield. But it does take light, space, and resources – and I feel I have to be on the lookout for nanners, since it’s not very healthy. What would you do? Is it worth keeping another month, or should I cut my losses now? Thanks, Pete

Again I only have experience in hydro. During the first few weeks in vege, I swap places with those that aren’t keeping up. That seems to even the grow out.