Maxbloom any good?

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Marketing since they are not COB’s, but probably true for these kind of top bin diodes… @Rev

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Sorry, don’t know what a COB is.

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Chips On Board, COB , multiples diodes on 1 chip… This is the new diodes technology available and top bin, top quality is pricey… And look like this :


For comparaison, top bin COB’s CREE CXB3590 is around 32$ each and this is there spectrum

You need between 2 and 4 of them for your need and this is only the COB…

They need drivers and heat sinks, passive or ventilated and frame… basicly…

You can DIY them to lower the cost, but a mounted one is easy 500$

Hoping that’s respond to your questionning @Rev, do not hesitate to ask further questions :grinning:

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Thank you. I get it now.

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i was more or less seeing if any had one to testify on quality at 200$ with a 5 year warranty it might be a good light, but i can not find manufacturer info. the reveiws look fabricated

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I changed out a Quantam Bad Boy T-5 12 tube fixture with a MaxBloom x4 free fixture. So far I’m impressed. The only drawback is the foot print is much smaller. So I found a light mover on eBay and installed it. My 6 plants have nearly doubled in size in a weeks time. I plan to add another x4 soon.

I actually run 2 400w cree cob LEDs. They work fantastic ! I have had some really killer results from using them. Yes the are pricey upfront, but the are warrantied for 5 years. They are made really well.

thanks i,ve been looking at the green sunshine co. they seem to be doing good things

My ignorance on Cob grow lights is showing I have almost completed my 1st grow but I am possibly looking for a COB grow light & have a limited budget of about $150.00 my wife & I are very sick. Would it be possible if you could guide me into a COB grow light at my limited budget is? Any help would be appreciated in advance. Thank you

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It’s going to be about impossible to get a really good (400 watts or better) Cob grow light for $150. I built my own 400 watt cob light for around $400 with @dbrn32 s help.

You Can buy a 300 watt cob light on Amazon for $140. Just search for 1800w cob led grow lights.
1800W LED Grow Light,X6 Sunshine Full Spectrum Grow Light for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing(White)


@Niala has been dealing with a few things and isn’t quite as active, but I’d be happy to try and help if I can.

As pointed out, it’s difficult to get into the really good lighting on such limited funds. What size space are you trying to light?

Thank you
My area is 11’ by 10’ but I am not looking to do the whole area I have a VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series V600 600W LED now but I am reading on cob led’s use less energy and anything to keep our bills low. I have almost finished my 1st grow. I did everything wrong but for 5 months I have been reading and learning as fast as possible. We have 4 plants but small so I am wanting to expand the areas so we can make it to the next grow.

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Your light is about right for something like a 3x3 space. You can absolutely grow in a bigger space, but the less light you have in that space the less desirable your results will be.

You’ll get the most for your money by grabbing some high end leds and assembling yourself. From the sounds of your health I’m not sure that’s an option, but wanted to throw it out just in case. A commercial ready to hang fixture using the same leds starts around $200 for a 2’x2’ space. Something to consider is that you’ll get improved harvest in that space of very high quality buds.

If it’s not in your budget, most of the fixtures available on amazon use about the same led technology, so whichever lights you feel fit your needs the best will do.

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I was turned on from some kind person to go to led basics I am reading and absorbing it. I find it similar to building a PC I have read day and night and caught a break to thank anyone who has been kind enough to comment and help I appreciate it all I want to say a big thank you. This site is great at learning I would say any diy video sites are very helpful too. Its taking time to sink in but I find it interesting to follow and would want to make one. Now that the formula was explained I am starting to get it. ac to dc and amps measured in smaller Mili-amps, voltage, watts that all have to match its similar of building an old PC to the power supply or as they call a driver today. I think it means to build from the Cobs in alternating (pos. to neg.) just like solar panels are built connections up to the power that they match. I understand the Cob’s have a voltage range they can work with. I hope posting this link is ok here and doesn’t upset the apple cart. I hope others can find this educational site. I am not an advertiser. Without the charts it would very difficult as a newbie to build a grow light. I want to learn where to buy the metal aluminum L bars I can still do that. I love the idea of the connections that snap the wires in place vs soldering. Question Is cob the latest in making a grow light or is the led strips on aluminum plates as I have seen in vidoe’s. Thanks gain you people are so kind to help!
COB LED Basics: A Beginner's Guide - LED Gardener

@bsew64 if you haven’t already, look up growmau on YouTube. He explains LED lights in a way that helps people without a lot of electronics experience. He’s the best I’ve seen on YouTube. @dbrn32 is the growmau of our forum.

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